Weekend Reading – Giving thanks U.S. style, a good week and great blogs


It was a good week for My Own Advisor.  Earlier this week, I learned one of my U.S. stocks increased their dividend, again, by almost 4%.  On Tuesday, Dividend Stock Analysis mentioned yours truly as their investment blogger of the month.  On Wednesday, Million Dollar Journey posted one of my articles:  Not Retired Yet?  Ignore the 4% Withdrawal Rule.  On Thursday, I learned our most recent lump sum mortgage payment has us finishing off the mortgage 9 years from now, to this very week.  It would be nice to have no mortgage, but knowing when the finish line is gives me some inspiration to keep the pedal down on our lump sum payments.  What about you?  Anything motivate you this past week?

Congratulations to Mel who correctly answered my skill-testing question and was the randomly selected winner for the FREE book giveaway – Cash Cows, Pigs and Jackpots by David Trahair.  Stay tuned for more giveaways, as a thank you for reading and sharing the articles from My Own Advisor.  

Lastly, I hope my readers to the South are enjoying their Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the feasts, the football and the fun that comes with shopping for holiday deals.

Here’s the Weekend Reading list…

The Dividend Guy Blog answered a question I’ve received as well:  why bother with dividend stocks when you can own dividend ETFs instead?

Boomer & Echo told us why we should avoid group RESPs.

The Passive Income Earner continues to make good coin, in his November 2012 dividend income update.

Retire Happy said some assumptions are essential for your financial plan.

Larry MacDonald said the housing market is correcting, not collapsing.

19 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Giving thanks U.S. style, a good week and great blogs"

  1. Hey Mark!

    You are all over the place this week 🙂 that’s awesome!

    9 years to go on your mortgage? wow! that’s great! Congrats! This also reminds me that I have to work on my mortgage payoff plan…lol!

    enjoy the weekend and thx for the mention!

  2. The |Blunt Bean Counter · Edit

    Hey Mark, thx for the mention and for being noted in your Foreign Reporting post on Monday. Sometimes it all comes together, sounds like you had one of those weeks. Got to love those kind of weeks, kind of like when you break 80, or for you 70 🙂


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