Weekend Reading – Giveaways, mortgage free, dividends and more

Welcome to another Weekend Reading list folks.  Earlier this week, I wrote about Life Insurance 101 and I also provided a primer for opening your online discount brokerage account.

Enjoy these articles and I’ll be back next week with a new dividend income update and more.

HowToSaveMoney.ca rates the best Air Miles Credit Cards and has a small cash giveaway underway – enter here.

Sean Cooper offered a guest post on Boomer & Echo about being mortgage free in his early 30s.

This is an update on John Heinzl’s model dividend portfolio, up about 32% in two years.

Dividend Mantra shared a Freedom Fund update.

Dividend Growth Investor shared his best articles from August.

Passive Income Earner shared some top stocks.

Big Cajun Man wondered if this RESP investing portfolio is too conservative.

Congrats to some of my favourite blogs on becoming Plutus Award finalists, celebrating the best in personal finance on the world stage.

An interesting read, Glenn Cooke’s comment in this article about a serious subject; I have to agree with Glenn:  “[Critical illness insurance] is being sold on rainbows and unicorns,” Cooke said. “You should be buying insurance for financial reasons, not for emotional reasons.”

Barry Choi offered a kind review of this new book, one I hope to start reading this weekend thanks to a copy from author Robert Brown.

Michael James on Money shared some little known RRSP strategies.

When it comes to passive income, this blogger is on a mission.

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19 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Giveaways, mortgage free, dividends and more"

  1. Great to see that John Heinzl’s model dividend portfolio is doing well. I think all of the dividend growth investors have done very well the past couple years. Have a good weekend!

        1. Well, yes, I would not agree with that statement.

          Transparency is good for most businesses I suspect, it has nothing to do with comparing income levels. On the broad scale, transparency is about making more information publicly available, readily available, which is an act of trust. Transparency also is a driver for change, knowledge is the first step in making change or sustaining change. So, I would not agree with Glenn here. Maybe he has a different context?

      1. Perhaps

        – Different insurance provider rates and top recommended ones

        – Guide to what types fit with peoples age and life situations (singles, couples, families)

        Pros and cons to each.

        How policies commissions break down.

        Lots to cover but lots of questions people have there.

        I often hear of people getting stuck with unneeded whole life policies with ridiculous commission fees that has severely tainted the industry.


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