Weekend Reading – Giveaway reminders, gotta love dividend investing, and more #moneystuff

Weekend Reading – Giveaway reminders, gotta love dividend investing, and more #moneystuff

Hey folks!

Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading edition where I share some of my favourite articles from the week that was across the personal finance and investing blogosphere.

Final TurboTax Giveaway Reminder!

Thanks to TurboTax Canada, I just received my 2018 tax refund – to the penny.  The software did all the heavy lifting for me.  It can do the same for you – check it out!

I got around to posting two articles this week:

Thanks to Alexandra Macqueen for some help with this post – ten very important questions along with ten answers – all about annuities.

Lots of great comments about this post – can this couple retire at age 52?  How much money do they need?  What order should they draw down their accounts?  All these answers and more – here!

A nice milestone on the site recently.  This site has now over 3,200 dedicated email subscribers!  Thanks for being fans, providing input/feedback on every post and sharing the content with family and friends.

Have a great weekend and see you here next week when I will share my March 2019 dividend income update and giveaway another book!  (Last month’s dividend income update is here – onwards and upwards!)


Bad financial news first.  This piranha company persuaded this nearly-90-something couple to buy a timeshare.  Absolutely criminal.

Far better news – I love dividend investing.  Here are 10 things to love about this investing approach from John Heinzl.  Among my favourites from his list:

  • This investing approach helps you stay out of trouble – “Dividend-paying companies … are typically well-established, soundly-managed companies with stable businesses…”.
  • Dividend investing reinforces a buy-and-hold discipline.
  • Dividends, rising dividends, help fight inflation. “A stock that pays a rising dividend, on the other hand, will preserve your spending power – and, in many cases, increase it – even after inflation.”

Million Dollar Journey shared his ultimate FIRE (financial independence, retire early) crossover point – and he’s getting very close.

Steadyhand reminded us when it comes to investing:  the future is all that matters.

Is gold a good idea in your portfolio?  Probably not.

Have a great weekend!


5 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Giveaway reminders, gotta love dividend investing, and more #moneystuff"

  1. That time share story was crazy/sad. There are undoubtably many of those around. I know one couple (quite well) that got burnt but not nearly so badly. They phoned us right after doing it and were so excited. I politely asked a few questions. They’re out.

    I wasn’t surprised at the indexer vs forbes list folks. Time in the market. I read somewhere not long ago that Prem Watsa -Fairfax has beaten Warren Buffets returns since 1985 when he got started. Buffets numbers go back to ’65 I believe.

    Always enjoy Steadyhand. I like this more recent one too. https://www.steadyhand.com/national_post/2019/03/25/these_two_global_forces_will_shape_your_investing_returns/

    Gold? Not here.

    13K run this am. 33k this wk. Body is slowly coming around allowing a little more!

    Have a great weekend Mark and everybody else.

      1. Thanks. Even went to the track with the person I’m training, and headed there again this aft. First time since ’06. A month short of 60 and burning my guts out running hard laps…..made me feel alive though!!

        Good for you! Keep it up. Fantastic habit to go along with your great money habits.

        Crazy storm coming here tonight-15-25cms. Can’t recall one this late in the year before.


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