Weekend Reading – Forever money, indexing and more

Welcome to your Weekend Reading list.  Rob Carrick mentioned this article in The Globe & Mail recently, there’s now a cool DIY mortgage lending service available for Canadians and I answered a few reader questions here.

I’m looking forward to seeing my family this weekend and taking some time off work.  I hope you enjoy whatever you have planned this weekend and we’ll see you back here next week.


My friend Frugal Trader wrote about building his “forever money” portfolio, which is very much aligned with my investing journey.

Andrew Hallam wrote about how these early retirees are living off an indexed portfolio.

I guess Mr. Money Mustache is now in the business of ruining marriages due to his popular blog touting the benefits of a frugal badassity lifestyle.

Gordon Pape has put together a portfolio of dividend paying stocks and a bond ETF (XBB) that has delivered double-digit returns.

Boomer & Echo questioned whether you need a real estate agent to sell your home.

Prairie Eco-Thrifter wrote about the danger in assuming.

BCM and insurance pro Chantal Marr help you understand disability and critical illness insurance here.  I’m looking forward to posting my take on this subject soon – stay tuned for that.

Mark Goodfield is still out golfing this summer, but he re-posted this article on how to avoid becoming a CRA audit victim.

Michael James on Money shared a saver’s view of his registered accounts.

DGI said dividend growth investors will still make money even if the stock market is closed for 10 years.

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12 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Forever money, indexing and more"

  1. I am surprised that you recommend an article that you have to pay to read?

    “Gordon Pape has put together a portfolio”

    This is behind the Globe pay wall.

    1. You can’t access it MrMoxy? The link should get you behind…I recall there are a few “free” articles you can read each month? Let me know – thanks.

      1. Nope, denied with demand for money. I even have cookies turned off (G&M are really big trackers). They actually put a lot of financial stuff behind the pay wall.

          1. i tried too mark. no luck. a lot of bloggers put up articles that you have to pay for so don’t fret — i just go on to the next one! enjoy your family this weekend.

            1. Ah crap Gary. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll know better next time to link to “subscriber only” G&M articles, I thought they also counted as one of the 10 freebies readers could see. 🙁

          2. The Globe seems to have some articles that aren’t allowed to be part of your free views for the month. Doesn’t appear to be a great loss in this case. How hard has it been to deliver double-digit returns in the last couple of years?

            1. I think the problem might be, I linked to a “subscribers only” post by Pape. I think if I link to other G&M articles, like Andrew Hallam’s for example, readers might be OK as this will count towards one of the 10 free views for a month.

              Not very difficult I wouldn’t think, to make double-digit gains in the last couple of years, you’re right.


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