Weekend Reading – Farewell to a Ninja, free books and great blogs

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Earlier this week, I learned The Dividend Ninja decided to say goodbye to the world of blogging.  Avrom started his journey almost 3 years ago with a small WordPress site about dividend investing, that quickly grew to well over 1,000 dedicated readers and followers.  Although becoming a financial writer was never something he said he aspired to do, I’m certainly glad Avrom gave it a shot since otherwise I would have never found this wonderful site.  The good news is, his articles will stay online for all of us to check for some time to come.

Avrom, thanks for the articles, the blog support and teaching me a number of things of about finance, investing and managing a website.  Whatever the future holds, I wish you happiness and success.

Before I get to the other articles, I also need to headline my friend Andrew Hallam is giving away 10 copies of his best-selling book: Millionaire Teacher.  Andrew’s says about his book “It’s no panacea, but I think you’ll enjoy its quirkiness and easy readability.”  It’s a great book Andrew, don’t be so modest!

Here’s a bunch of articles to check out this weekend.  I hope you enjoy them.



Dividend Growth Stock Investing was thinking about investing in Wells Fargo.  I recently did actually.

Canadian Couch Potato is not a big fan of dollar-cost-averaging.

Dividend Growth Investor said JNJ:US is a must own stock for investors.  He wrote:  “A 12% growth in distributions translates into the dividend payment doubling every six years. If we look at historical data, going as far back as 1972 we see that Johnson & Johnson has actually managed to double its dividend every five years on average.”

Michael James on Money wondered why more investors aren’t pushing to reduce their foreign exchange fees.  Not sure, those fees really suck actually.

The Financial Blogger said a new month means new priorities.

Preet Banerjee said you can’t blame Mark Carney for our dismal savings habits.

Rick Ferri wrote about an unconventional failure – if you followed the Yale Endowment Fund Model.

Canadian Mortgage Trends had a good article about variable vs. fixed mortgage rates.

A new site, Dividend Growth Investing & Retirement who followed me this week (thanks for that), told me about his Canadian Dividend All-Star List.  Some great companies short-listed here for you to consider for your stock portfolio.

Million Dollar Journey experienced another sizeable increase in his net worth.

Mr. CBB also shared an update on his net worth.

Vix Money runs a tight ship when it comes to her budget.

Boomer & Echo said some decisions don’t many any financial sense.

A new blog I recently checked out, argued why bother investing in bonds?

Big Cajun Man said you should never buy a car at night.

6 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Farewell to a Ninja, free books and great blogs"

  1. Thanks for sharing about Dividend Ninja, I had no idea. It looks like you’ve been checking out some new sites, good for you. I have as well in hopes of connecting with others. thanks for sharing the contest, I’d like to read his book one day. Cheers Mark, have a great weekend.

  2. Mark,

    Thank you very much for your mention! This was very kind of you, and I really have valued your friendship and support over the years. And even more importantly, we have shared a similar investment philosophy. Keep in touch, and thank you for everything my friend!


  3. Thanks for the mention! I actually went ahead and bought some WFC the other day at a great price. Up both days since! Although I’d rather see it fall some more so I can grab some more shares at an even better yield.


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