Weekend Reading – Family reflections and fine blogs

Normally on My Own Advisor, the content is about personal finance and investing.  My preamble before this week’s Weekend Reading material will be a brief departure…

Recently, my grandmother suffered a massive stroke.  The damage caused by the stroke was severe and has left her with significant paralysis.  My thoughts and prayers have been with her since this incident; I was actually on my way to see her and celebrate her birthday when this happened.  For 90 years, my grandmother has been blessed with great health, until the past week.  All of us should be so lucky to live such a rich, healthy and happy life.  Over the last few days, I found myself reflecting upon the great times we’ve shared and hoping for some more.  She is by far and away the strongest woman I’ve known and I know whatever plans are in store for her, she’ll bravely face them and accept them just like she has with everything else in her life.  I’m reminded at times like these, nobody knows what the future holds but you can never tell the people you care about in your life that you love them too much.  Thinking of you Gram…

Enjoy this Weekend Reading list, and thanks for reading.


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Modest Money thought about planning for the future.

The Dividend Guy updated a list of S&P/TSX 60 stocks that pay dividends, soon.

Andrew Hallam wrote about low volatility funds offering a buffer versus wild markets.

Michael James on Money was a bit miffed when he read on a blog that dividends are more stable than capital gains.

Big Cajun Man thinks you’re nuts if you take a mental vacation from money management.

Dividend Growth Investor wrote about some common misconceptions about dividend investing.

Canadian Mortgage Trends said debt-ratio calculations for insured mortgages are about to get stricter.

MDJ net worth increased again.

Mr. CBB said financial independence may only exist once we get there.

Click here to read about some notable U.S. dividend increases last month courtesy of Dan Mac.

Money Rebound offered some tricks for saving money on summer vacations.

The Canadian Dividend Blogger looked at returns of a few large cap Canadian stocks.

Dan Bortolotti said diversification is a piece of cake.

18 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Family reflections and fine blogs"

  1. Hey Mark,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother. You are right though. Sometimes we put life ahead of our own priorities and it’s not until it’s too late sometimes that we wish we could say something or change something that we have done. This is why I’m taking more time for myself and my wife these days. You can’t take back what you don’t make time for. Wishing her a speedy recovery mate. Keep the faith.

  2. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. My grandfather is 92 and luckily he hasn’t had anything extremely serious in a while. *Desperately searching for some wood to knock. He’s been a great person and just thinking of all the good times and lessons I’ve learned from him makes me appreciate him even more. Wishing her the best in her recovery.

  3. Sorry man. 🙁 My grandmother had a major stroke on Canada Day, and we’re lucky her neighbour found her soon after so we were able to get her to the hospital right away. We’re not sure when she will be able to walk again. I’ll be wishing for a good recovery for your grandmother and for mine together!

  4. I wouldn’t say miffed. It like a new puzzle to sort out every time I read about how focusing on dividends will beat the market. It always boils down to believing that the investor can pick superior stocks.

    1. I meant miffed from the annoyance perspective Michael. Not confused. The context is, and those that read your blog understand this, you keep telling folks some investors cannot easily pick exceptional stocks to beat the market by leaps and bounds. I fully agree with this. The problem arises, many dividend investors think there is something magical about the stocks they pick. There isn’t.

      I know for my stocks, I should achieve market returns over time if I hold them long enough but dividend stocks are not, there are no guarantees.


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