Weekend Reading – Exiting the rat race, tax deadline reminders and more

Welcome to your Easter Weekend Reading roundup where I share some of my favourite articles from the week that was.  Over the last month there were almost 70,000 pageviews on this site, a record.  Thanks for making My Own Advisor one of your favourite personal finance and investing destinations!

I wish you and your family a very happy and healthy Easter weekend.  Chat again next week.

Robb Engen told us not to believe everything you read when it comes to exiting the rat race.

BrighterLife had these tax deadline reminders.

Not related to personal finance, but to our writing skills, here are 10 words we should stop using.

Michael James on Money said it’s more than OK to pay off your mortgage.

Our Big Fat Wallet shared a few reasons why he likes ETFs.  I agree with the low-cost, diversification and flexibility.  My article is posted here.

Dan Bortolotti makes some good points, why a pension is somewhat like a bond.   I tackled that issue for me here.

DGI wrote a few reasons why he reads this blogger’s site.  I read that site as well.

Krystal Yee shared her update on a number of goals for 2014.

Here is some mortgage rate chatter courtesy of my friends at Canadian Mortgage Trends, my go-to site for mortgage news.

Big Cajun Man found it a challenge to keep Quicken updated.

Thanks to Morningstar, here are some great Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to consider for your portfolio.  I agree with some of these choices and I hope to post my favourite ETFs over the next few weeks.

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