Weekend Reading – Enough money, fat mortgages, savings goals and more


Welcome to some Weekend Reading for my friends who like to celebrate Canada Day all week and those partying south of the border for July 4th this weekend.  This week I only managed to sneak in one post about driving my 15-year-old car other than some national holiday cheers.  Next week I hope to publish my latest dividend income update (you can read the May update here) and maybe talk a bit about why bonds are not for us or anything else that comes to mind.

Enjoy this Weekend Reading edition and see you here again next week.

In a few thousand words Cash Cow Couple decided saving between 25 and 33 times your annual expenses is enough money to retire.  That’s in line with these quick retirement rules of thumb.

This Canadian couple told CBC due to their fat mortgage: once they pay the rest of the bills and buy groceries, “there is nothing left”.  The homeowner describes their existence as living “hand to mouth.”  …and some folks don’t care about paying down their mortgage?

What a great segue way to this article – could paying down your mortgage be underrated?  Not in our house which is why we take a hybrid approach – invest and kill debt.

Blonde on a Budget provided some net worth numbers and future savings goals.

Here are some pros and cons of using stop limit orders from Young & Thrifty.

BrighterLife shared some healthy travel tips.

Other than some nitpicking Holy Potato liked Wealthing Like Rabbits.

Big Cajun Man shared some CPI numbers for May.

The Dividend Guy has a take on what will happen to dividend stocks when interest rates rise.  Will rates rise?  Eventually although it could be years from now…I’m not holding my breath!

Barry Choi is thankful he learned these financial lessons from his parents.  My Dad told me to do this when I was a teenager.

Here are some questions investors just don’t ask themselves.

Dividend Mantra has been buying this stock.

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    1. Nope, nothing wrong. A hybrid approach works for me. Invest now and kill mortgage. I will be happy to stop writing about this debate eventually because I won’t care being debt-free 🙂


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