Weekend Reading – Encore careers, retirement, cash back and more

Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading edition where I showcase some of the best articles and blogposts from the personal finance and investing blogopshere.  Before the list of articles though, I want to thank Rob Carrick for highlighting my interview with CEO Michael Katchen from Wealthsimple.  Based on some great reader questions about the Wealthsimple platform and services, I hope to post a follow-up article in the weeks to come.

Remaining on the interview theme, I had a chance to chat with Derek Foster recently, “Canada’s Youngest Retiree”.  See what Derek thinks about bonds, investing, find out some of the stocks he owns and more here.

It’s been a wild ride for the stock markets lately so I hope to offer a perspective on that plus an article about Pooled Registered Pension Plans (PRPPs) next week on this site so stay tuned.

Now, enjoy the articles!

Thanks to Canadian Budget Binder for this guest post:  Saving for retirement on a lower-income.

Sheryl Smolkin just started her own blog and on that point, had an interesting post about embarking on an encore career.

I had a smirk on my face when I read this article on Freedom Thirty Five Blog, why the former Chair of the Federal Reserve (Ben Bernanke) can’t even refinance his mortgage.   The way I see it, Bernanke is now living in the financial mess system he created; folks using leverage to increase their financial assets.

My friend Stephen Weyman listed some of the best cash back websites for Canadians.  My personal favourite is Great Canadian Rebates.

This blogger said to stop worrying about oil prices and just buy these stocks.

Boomer & Echo provided a great overview of various Robo-Advisor services.

John Heinzl answered a reader question about owning stocks or ETFs or both for investing peace of mind.

Ellen Roseman helped this victim of online booking fraud.   She is a saint.

Here are seven investing rules from The Passive Income Earner.

Michael James on Money said while investing in what makes you comfortable might be nice in theory the results will not be in your favour in practice.

The founder of Vanguard explains why his invention is winning the battle when it comes to saving for retirement.

Money We Have told us the real cost of being a Maple Leafs Fan.  I suspect the emotional cost would be VERY tough to quantify. 🙂  GoSensGo!

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22 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Encore careers, retirement, cash back and more"

  1. Thanks for the reminder about Great Canadian Rebates: I was about to buy some stuff from walmart.ca and nearly forgot to sign in. Proof that reading your website pays in cold hard amazon.ca gift certificates! : )

  2. I wasn’t worried about the oil price and therefore bought some Suncor shares.

    Being a Leafs fan is pretty tough lately. I feel sorry for them, paying so much for tickets yet the team performs poorly.

  3. Wow you hang out with some pretty important people, Mark 🙂 Foster and Katchen are both really inspirational guys. Don’t forget about the rest of us when you’re fabulously famous yourself one day. Thanks for the mention by the way. Go Sens! 😀

  4. Honoured to be included in your weekend reading Mark. Great Canadian Rebates is my fav cash back site too … but the others are definitely worth checking out. Sometimes they can trump GCR.

    For instance, Shop.ca is currently 20% cash back at Ebates.ca but is only 13% at GCR.


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