Weekend Reading – DRIPs, indexing is no panacea, reality checks and more

Welcome to your Weekend Reading list, where I highlight some of my favourite articles from the week that was, even if they include my own 🙂

The folks at Questrade asked about my take on DRIPping, so I told them.   Thanks for posting my article.

This article said index investing is no panacea for investors.  Indexing does many things right but maybe most importantly its power lies with automation.

On that note, Dan Bortolotti offered a reality check for Couch Potatoes:  “There will be periods when indexing feels like the greatest investment strategy ever devised, and others when your emotional brain is telling you only a moron would do such a thing. You need to be prepared to endure the latter, or you won’t be around to enjoy the former.”

A great reminder about asset location from Preet Banerjee here, as part of the RRSP Guide 2014 courtesy of MoneySense.   You can read more about RRSPs here thanks to MoneySense.

This blogger is extremely organized to be buying Christmas gifts this month.

Financial Highway wrote about some valuable career skills – no doubt professionalism, high energy and confidence are important.

Passive Income Earner reached a great milestone here.

An interesting guest post on Million Dollar Journey this week, how this frugal lawyer reached this major financial milestone at age 34.

The Blunt Bean Counter primed readers about his upcoming series – how much is enough.   A paid off home and no debts at the time of retirement will be a great start.

Canadian Capitalist provided an update for his Sleepy Mini Portfolio.

Michael James on Money is a fan of Jeremy Siegel’s book, Stocks for the Long Run.

The Dividend Guy provided some reasons for becoming a DIY investor.  My key reasons are, I’m passionate about it and nobody will care more about my financial security than me.

Boomer and Echo said to avoid money rip offs like mortgage life insurance and credit card balance protection.

Big Cajun Man wondered if he should let his old car go.  I still own a 14-year-old car and I’ll write about it soon.

Dividend Mantra just hit over 2 million pageviews on his site.  That’s very good.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to enter my awesome TurboTax giveaway.

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9 Responses to "Weekend Reading – DRIPs, indexing is no panacea, reality checks and more"

  1. Hi Mark

    I just wanted to drop a note to say that I really enjoy your website. You have some great and useful information.

    At one point, I was a little worried about being a dividend income investor as there seemed to be so many articles criticizing it. The articles and comments on your website have helped reassure me that I am where I should be investing wise.


    PS – I’m the same almost 61 year old “Don” from your $1M post.

    1. Thanks Don, I hope to continue to grow the site, mature my content and information.

      I’m not really worried about what the experts say about dividend investing. The process works as long as you are diversified in many companies (at least 15), across many sectors and you basically buy and hold what the top indexed products and mutual funds hold. Companies that have paid dividends for generations are likely to continue paying them and increasing them over time.

    1. Yes. We (humans) are very good at making something that can be rather simple very complicated. Like golf, you can be good at investing if you master the fundamentals. It won’t mean you’re great but it will mean you are better than most.


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