Weekend Reading – Dividend milestones, phishing, cash back cards and more

Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading edition – some of my favourite articles from the personal finance and investing blogosphere this week.

Earlier this week I asked the audience if I should sell my old car (I will have a follow-up post with my decision in a few weeks) and I started yet another giveaway on my site after reading Market Masters.

Congratulations to David who won the #MisforMoney giveaway and toolkit for his kids.  I will be sending that giveaway set in the mail to you soon David.

Stay tuned for even more giveaways in the coming weeks and an update on my dividend income journey from last month.

Happy capitalism and enjoy your weekend,


Dan reached an important milestone with this dividend income – well done.

Dividend Growth Investor highlighted Procter & Gamble’s small dividend raise.

If you’re starting a business with another individual, this overview of a shareholder agreement is a must read from my friend Mark Goodfield.

Big Cajun Man commented on other people saying:  I don’t like saving.

Michael James on Money read Phishing for Phools – The Economics of Manipulation and Deception.

How To Save Money highlighted the top no-fee cash back credit cards.

The Dividend Guy revealed his portfolio in this update.  He owns stocks such as Apple, Canadian National Railway, Coca-Cola, J&J, SNC Lavalin, and Telus to name a few.

YUM! Brands (that owns KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell) and what that means for dividend investors was covered by Dividend Monk.

Freedom Thirty Five Blog shared some signs of a coming correction.

Here are some super simple saving rules of thumb.

This fund manager is betting on an oil rally.

Here are some ways to make saving money fun thanks to Money We Have.

This article says don’t rely on the 4% rule for retirement.  I think it’s a decent rule of thumb but it’s just that, like many other rules – there is never one size fits all.

Million Dollar Journey shared his philosophies for long term investing success.  Thinking and acting long-term, keeping your investing costs low, managing your taxes efficiently and more sounds like great advice to me.

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