Weekend Reading – Debt impacts, tax tips, Robo-Advisors, analysis and more

Welcome to some fine Weekend Reading folks, some of the best articles from the personal finance blogopshere right here.  First though, earlier this week I provided some newbie investors with some recent books to check out and I posted our February 2015 dividend income update, our journey to financial independence.

Spring seems to have finally sprung, a bit, in Ottawa and surely warmer weather is coming.  This means golf, gardening, lawn care and cold beer on the deck seasons for me.  Any big plans for spring good reader?  Leave me a comment and tell me about them.  All the best to you and see you here again next week.

I liked Tom Bradley’s article about debt impacts here.  I hope to provide a take on this soon.

Our Big Fat Wallet has some tax tips.

5i Research wrote about rock ’em sock ’em Robo-Advisors.

Canadian MoneySaver shared some basic ratios for stock analysis.

How To Save Money revisited the RRSP versus TFSA debate.

Big Cajun Man said thanks to the CRA.

I think Michael James on Money put things into proper perspective when he says to consider inflation when it comes to annuities (this applies nicely to all forms of income and investments – inflation is a silent portfolio killer).

Tawcan posted some healthy dividend income.

Barry Choi suggests you read the fine print.

Mr. Money Mustache told us ridiculousness is ubiquitous.

Million Dollar Journey updated his Smith Manoeuvre portfolio.

My Personal Finance Journey shared why stocks are a good inflation hedge.

BrighterLife wondered how much have you really saved for retirement.  I know when I can work on my own terms I will have saved enough.

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