Weekend Reading – Crowdfunding, Flaherty legacy, crazy fees and much more

Welcome to another edition of Weekend Reading where I share some of my favourite articles from the week that was.  Earlier this week, this post got a bunch of attention:  You don’t need $1 million to retire on.  Have a read and let me know what you think!

Check out these great articles when you have some time…have a great weekend!

On GoFundMe, one of the world’s biggest crowdfunding sites, Jaime Dunkle wants to buy Kurt Cobain’s childhood home in Aberdeen, Washington; seeking to raise $700,000 for a home valued at around $67,000 so it can be turned into a museum.

Rob McLister shared 7 ways Jim Flaherty changed our mortgage market.  Picking fights with some financial institutions was one way.

With some realistic assumptions Preet Banerjee told us your lifetime investment fees could top $100,000 if you don’t watch out. #scaryfees

Justin Bender was helpful to this couple, getting them out of high-fee funds into some low-cost, diversified products.  Justin is like an action-hero for personal finance portfolios in distress.

Apparently lottery agencies need younger players.

Boomer and Echo said age based saving benchmarks are dumb, I would agree.

Barry Choi analyzed Rogers employee stock plan.

Here is a list of Canada’s top travel rewards credit cards, some with no annual fee!

Michael James on Money had another post about behavioural investing.

Million Dollar Journey provided an update on his Smith Manoeuvre portfolio.

Big Cajun Man had some (fighting) words to say about the Disability Tax Credit and getting help with it.

ETF giant BlackRock slashed its fees for many Exchange Traded Funds recently.

A few days ago, Rob Carrick’s Guide to ETFs ebook was released.  This looks like an excellent resource for any DIY investor.  You need to be a subscriber to download the book.  If you’re not a subscriber to the G&M, I hope to provide a review of it for you soon.

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