Weekend Reading – Cool videos, decisions, anniversaries, buys and more

Welcome to some fine Weekend Reading folks.

Winter in Canada got you down yet?  I know I’m ready to wave the white flag.  We continue to get snow in Ottawa amidst -25 degree Celsius weather.  Good times if you’re a polar bear.  Bad news if you want to see spring like I do.  I hope it comes soon.

Earlier this week I answered a few reader questions about how to start investing and I proceeded to answer a few more questions about my monthly dividend income updates.  

Speaking of the latter I need to post January’s income update soon.  I hope to share that with you next week along with another post I’m thinking about.  Also, don’t forget to enter my TurboTax Canada giveaway – I’ve got six online codes to giveaway this year!

Enjoy this Weekend Reading edition, Happy Valentine’s Day and see you here again next week.

Preet Banerjee had a cool video comparing renting versus home ownership.

Sheryl Smolkin recapped some good financial decisions.

Happy Anniversary to my friend Barry Choi, running Money We Have.

Dividend Hawk made a recent buy.

Million Dollar Journey shared some simple ETF portfolios.

Tawcan shared an impressive income update.

Susan Brunner reviewed CNR.

Michael James on Money revisited Fred Schwed, Jr.’s classic book Where Are The Customers’ Yachts?

DGI&R shared some top Canadian dividend growth companies.

Steadyhand Funds did a checkup on one of their clients.

And in dividend news…BCE raised its dividend by 5.3%.  BCE has raised its dividend almost 80% in the last 6 years.

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20 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Cool videos, decisions, anniversaries, buys and more"

  1. Hey Mark,

    Thanks for the shout out and for the nice words on the redesign. We are really excited about the changes in store for LSM.

    Have a great weekend and stay warm over there in Ottawa, I’m seeing the snow is getting pretty crazy for you guys!

  2. I wouldn’t mind some snow here in Vancouver. It has been way too warm with no snow where the local ski hills are closing.

    Thanks for mentioning us.

    Love the BCE dividend increase announcement!

  3. Thanks for the inclusion this week, Love Day is really annoying to me, only because of the overplay in the retail world. Showing someone you love, how much you love them does not need to bankrupt you. Enjoy the BLOODY COLD, temperatures this weekend (that is an actual weather term).


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