Weekend Reading – Cool bars, oil patch predictions, stocks for 2018 and too much dividends

Weekend Reading – Cool bars, oil patch predictions, stocks for 2018, too much in dividends, #money stuff

Welcome to my first (of many) Weekend Reading editions for 2018.  I hope the new year is treating you well.

Here is a recap of my latest articles:

Can you have too much dividend income?

Speaking of dividend income and part of my investing story, here is my December 2017 update.

We were quite pleased to knock off these saving and investing goals last year.

It’s been some time since I benchmarked my portfolio.  Given a new year, why not look back and see how 2017 was and even 5-years hence.  How you doin’?

Here are some other articles – personal finance or otherwise – to browse in the coming days.   Have a great weekend!


Good memories reading this article about cool hotel bars from around the world.  Even though this one didn’t make the list, here is a cool one my wife and I visited in New York City a few years ago.

Nice insight courtesy of Larry MacDonald about how a retirement expert prepared for his own retirement.  “By our late 40s we were debt free, had no unused tax shelter room and our children were becoming less of a financial burden. That’s when we started saving outside tax shelters.”   My lesson from this, get out of debt before you plan to retire and maximize registered accounts like RRSPs and TFSAs to the extent possible.

Also from the article:  “We emphasize blue-chip Canadian dividend stocks in my wife’s taxable accounts as she is taxed at a lower rate, particularly on Canadian dividends. I hold foreign equities and riskier Canadian equities for capital gains.”  My lesson from this is to continue my approach with Canadian dividend paying stocks but also focus more on foreign equities using some of my favourite, low cost U.S. listed ETFs for capital gains.

Sure Dividend has some predictions for the oil patch.

Robb Engen released his 3-year report card since dumping dividend stocks.

Roadmap2Retire listed some top investment picks by some bloggers for 2018.

It’s a new year, time for new resolutions, and ways to get your financial act together this year.

Don’t forget these 2018 deals:

Using my promo code with BMO, I can provide up to $750 cash back when you open your BMO InvestorLine account.

Here is a free trial to unbiased stock and ETF suggestions in Canada.

Thanks to my ongoing partnership you can start a free, risk-free trial account in 2018 funded with $1,000 of ModernAdvsior’s money. You will also get a $50 bonus when you open and fund a new account.

In other reads:

Mr. CBB shared 3 budgeting tips that fuel their financial success.

Here is MDJ’s financial checklist to start 2018.

Here are 24 dividend stocks to consider for 2018.

My friend John Robertson decided to compare DIY investing vs. using a robo-advisor.

Last but not least congrats to Lynne who won a copy of this book and giveaway on my site.  I’ll have more giveaways on my site later this year so stay tuned!

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  1. Some great reads listed here and thanks for sharing the top investment picks. Your pick is doing pretty awesome so far 🙂 Hope you actually have the holding and riding the wave.

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this balmy weather while it lasts.


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