Weekend Reading – CIBC dividends, Carney farewell and great blogs

Weekend Reading 2

On Thursday, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM) raised its dividend, after announcing its Q2 profit rose to $876-million, from $811-million a year ago.  The dividend hike today was only by $0.02 but that little amount will add another $15 this year to my dividend income without doing anything.  The retirement plan is slowly coming together

Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney is on his way out…with his last interest rate decision this week.  I had to chuckle when I read about Marty Cej’s take on this event:  

“Don’t bet on a misty-eyed wistful farewell, though. That’s not how Carney rolls. Have you ever seen James Bond stifle a sniffle or blink away moistening eyes? Exactly. A decision needs to be made, it will be made and a brief good-bye – if that – will be delivered. Then he’s off to MI5. I mean the Bank of England.”

Thanks for keeping the Canadian economy afloat during your tenure Mr. Carney or at very least, not doing anything crazy during your term, encouraging all of us to ride out the messy economic storms.

Whatever your plans are this weekend I hope you enjoy reading some of these articles when you get the chance.

Enjoy and see you here next week!

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Michael James on Money wondered if Hertz was into the currency exchange business.  Seems like a #ripoff.

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The Blunt Bean Counter is reaching new heights, he made a guest appearance on BNN recently.  #greatworkMark.

Financial Highway wondered if you think like a rich person.

Freedom Thirty Five blog wrote about abysmal savings.

Big Cajun Man wondered about term insurance over 50.

Simply Investing brought you a great lineup of top blogs.

Dividend Growth Investor wrote about how Warren Buffett made his fortune.

Y&T discussed compound interest in your 20s.

Canadian Couch Potato answered the question, should I buy now?

Invest It Wisely had a few fees you should never pay.

Passive Income Earner provided some questions to answer when selecting a discount brokerage.

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  1. Fifteen bucks is fifteen bucks, I wouldn’t turn my nose up that’s for sure. not sure if you read my post today but I had a chat with an retired old guy (84) brilliant man who was the head of a major company in Canada which has since shut up shop. He started at the bottom and worked his way to the top so I thought he must have a wealth of knowledge. He had lots to say and I talked to him about investing. Invest in real estate and your RRSP.. best money he’s made. He golfs almost every day but he says they can’t travel much now because of insurance and medicals. Life is good, no major regrets. His only financial regret was not being able to invest more into his RRSP as there was a limit when it first came out. I don’t know much about all of that. Have a great weekend mate.

  2. Thanks for the mention 😀 Some people would have liked to see interest rates moved higher in this week’s announcement, but I know that would be very bad for the economy in central Canada. I think Carney did a great job as head of the BoC. Best luck to him in England.

  3. Good to see CIBC and RBC post better than expected profits after the other three missed the mark. Hopefully our banks can weather the pending storm.

    Thanks for the mention, Mark!


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