Weekend Reading – Christmas shopping, average home prices rising and more

Earlier this week I wrote about some key financial terms and shared some of the great benefits that come with tax free investing.

Enjoy these articles I checked out over the last week.  Have a great weekend!

Canadian Budget Binder wondered how much online or in-store Christmas shopping you are doing.  This year it will be a bit of both for us.

According to this article on Canadian Mortgage Trends the average home price in Canada is approaching $400,000.

Read an impressive story about a 20-something who has saved $250,000.

Passive Income Earner said too much credit can hurt you.

Ben Carlson informed us that Americans spend almost as much money on insurance, as on food.

Thanks to my ongoing partnership with TSI, readers of this site can get access to The Successful Investor including all back issues for $50 off the standard price (affiliate).

Som Seif, CEO of Purpose Investments, had another chat with Preet Banerjee here.

This blogger wants to go into space.

Million Dollar Journey helped out a reader with a $1 million dollar question.

The Outlier Model helped you understand home insurance.

I read an article about Switzerland’s referendum on guaranteed minimum income for every citizen.  Makes me think of the post I wrote recently about Old Age Security, and why OAS for wealthy Canadians makes no sense to me.

I enjoyed John Heinzl’s article about dividend investing:  consider yourself an owner (not a trader); focus on income (not share prices); invest in established, quality companies; think and act long term (decades) and relax – dividend investing is a get-wealthy-eventually strategy.

Dan Bortolotti shared the hidden costs of some ETF bid-ask spreads.

Big Cajun Man had some thoughts about the 4% drawn down theory.

Avrex Money wondered if he should be taking risks with his TFSA.  I know my answer, no.

Michael James on Money also wrote about TFSAs here, including a focus on re-contribution rules.

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12 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Christmas shopping, average home prices rising and more"

  1. At some point if you start guaranteeing a certain amount of income and capping the highest earners, there’s going to be no motivation to be the best or achieve things. It’s a delicate balance!

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. Happy Friday Mark,
    I spent the entire day yesterday cleaning the house with the wife and decorating for the holidays. I still have to do a bit outdoors which I will tackle next week. I hope to see more people enter the $1000 giveaway as it’s an amazing contest. Thanks for the mention and enjoy your weekend.

  3. The Swiss are known to be a fiscally conservative group of people. I heard their unemployment rate is ridiculously low like 3% so they can probably afford to have a guaranteed income level since the country is so rich lol. They’re having another referendum this weekend on whether CEO salaries should be capped at 12 times the lowest earning employee. I doubt that’s going to pass but we’ll see I guess. I think Canada should do more referendums like Switzerland. It’s a pretty useful tool for a democracy.Thanks for the mention 🙂


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