Weekend Reading – Chilling beer quickly, video blogs, lessons for investors and more

The long weekend is here and I want to wish all readers a very happy Thanksgiving.   I also appreciate the spike in readership.  This site is now consistently over 30,000 pageviews per month thanks to you.

Enjoy your weekend with family and friends.  I’ll be back with a post or two next week.

Thanks to Rob Carrick, I found this cool infographic about chilling beer in 3 minutes at Canadian Business.

Preet Banerjee wants some help designing his personal finance video blog.  I think this is a great idea, one Preet shared with me and others at #CPFC13.  I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Steadyhand told us what recent markets should have taught investors.  Be diversified, time heals, the market is unpredictable in the short-term and your bad behaviour can kill your portfolio.

On the same theme, Barry Ritholtz blogged about our brains on stocks.  Here are Barry’s top investor errors:

  1. Paying High Fees.
  2. Reaching For Yield.
  3. Confusing Past Performance for Future Potential.
  4. Poor Asset Allocation.
  5. Too Much Active Management.
  6. Thinking the Future Is Anything Other Than Uncertain.
  7. Understand Long Investing Cycles.
  8. Be Aware of Your Cognitive Errors.
  9. Let Compounding Work for You.
  10. Know You Are Your Own Worst Enemy.

Passive Income Earner shared some top stocks for October.

Larry MacDonald wondered if online reader comments should be banned.

Dividend Ninja wondered if you should buy Twitter.  Like you count me out Ninja.

This (rich) couple is spending over $30,000 per year in mutual fund fees, because they own about 70 mutual funds between them.   And some folks wonder why many financial advisors get a bad rap – unbelievable.

Boomer and Echo wrote about the benefits of CDZ, even as a starting place for hunting stocks.  I often look at dividend ETFs for the same reason.

Financial Uproar shared an update on his stock market picking contest.

The Blunt Bean Counter reminded us about our income tax implications upon death.   Upon death, you have essentially disposed of your assets at fair market value and some of those assets may be subject to capital gains.

BCM shared a financial haiku.

MDJ wondered if a credit card was worth the $699 annual fee.  Not in my wallet.

Avrex Money has an amazing TSX earnings calendar.

Dan Bortolotti wrote about DIY investing challenges here on MoneySense.

Michael James had a sensible take on dividend investing:  “One bright area for dividend investors is that by focusing on their fairly steady dividends and not the volatile stock prices, they tend to stick with their plans rather than selling out when stock prices drop.”   That’s my playbook and you can read more here.

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  1. Thanx for the mention Mark!

    Like I think you should buy Twitter just to add some extra stress. Like it so fits into your long-term dividend growth strategy. And like, It’s fun to watch your IPO nose-dive in the first 6-months. 🙂



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