Weekend Reading – Cash back credit cards, economist predictions and great blogs

Leading off the best from the blogosphere this week, Boomer & Echo told us about the best no fee cash back credit cards in Canada.  My favourite is the MBNA Smart Cash MasterCard.  As Boomer & Echo nicely stated “with this no-fee cash back credit card, you get 5% back on groceries and gas for the first 6 months, and 3% back thereafter. You’ll also get 1% back on all your other purchases, including recurring bill payments.”

Canadian Mortgage Trends discussed economist predictions and term selection.

In case you missed it, a bunch of fellow bloggers associated with the Dividend Growth Index provided a Q3 performance report – check out the report on my site, Dividend Monk, Passive Income Earner, Dividend Mantra, Susan Brunner, Dividend Growth Investor, The Dividend Guy and get the latest news on Dividend Ninja.

Million Dollar Journey listed 5 types of insurance to avoid.

Financial Highway shared 3 terrible criticisms of buy and hold investing.

The Financial Blogger celebrated selling 144 copies of his new ebook in one week!

Michael James on Money found a rare triumph when diversifying with bonds over time.

Andrew Hallam said “having money in the bank and not being burdened with debts alleviates stress.”  It can also improve happiness.

Finance Fox said everything is better in the ‘burbs.

Justin Bender said to be mindful of foreign income tax rules.

You asked the Spud on Canadian Couch Potato:  “Should I unbundle my ETF?”

John Heinzl said “You do the math:  Almost $50,000 in earned dividends, $0 in tax”.

Canadian Capitalist said TDW continues to double-dip investors on U.S. dollar RRSPs.  I really want them to get their act together and offer U.S. dollar RRSP accounts – apparently they are working on it (I called and asked.)

Brighter Life shared a few economic stories to watch this quarter.

Money Crashers told us what it takes to be a charismatic leader.

Modest Money is tempted to join the smartphone gang.

The Blunt Bean Counter said debt is an ugly four letter word.  Heck ya, agreed.

Sustainable Personal Finance got a little annoyed this week when discussing the Association of Management, Administrative and Professional Crown Employees of Ontario (AMAPCEO) agreement with the Ontario government. Check out the details of the agreement and who stands to lose what here.

Joe told us about his macro-frugality philosophy on life’s big purchases.

Don’t forget to check out GroceryAlerts.ca for some great deals.

Big Cajun Man said Canada got an employment boost in September.

Avrex Money said to watch out for value traps.

Have a great weekend!

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    1. Anytime Mark, I read every article on your site. Yeah, CLC worries me…has for some time. It represents <1% of my portfolio, but still, I'd like to see more security on this one and the yield more susutainable, to about 5% or so.

      How was your golf game?

  1. Steve @ Canadian Personal Finance · Edit

    Very good roundup for this weekend – always appreciative of the plug!

    I saw a new card I am applying for – Marriott Visa card. Basically you earn 50,000 reward points (good for 6 nights at Cat 2 hotel) and no annual fee the first year.


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