Weekend Reading – Carl Richards shoutout, media mention and great blogs

Another fine benefit of promoting others on this site, sometimes, you get what you don’t ask for.  Thanks to Carl Richards, author of The Behavior Gap who is sending me an autographed copy of his book to giveaway to one lucky reader.  So, if you haven’t entered this draw, do it and you might win this signed copy.  Thanks Carl, very nice of you @behaviorgap.

Rob Carrick on Money highlighted a recent post of here and I thought John Heinzl’s article on DRIPs was a good one as well.

Dividend Growth Investing and Retirement reviewed TD Bank.

Melissa Leong had a video about the cost of making minimum credit card or mortgage payments.

Here are three lessons from well-behaved investors:  separate your decisions from emotions; doing nothing is the default choice and understand investing is not entertainment.

Dividend Monk reviewed Wells Fargo.

Sustainable Personal Finance offered some tips to keep your home cool this summer.

MFIJ reviewed Coca-Cola.

Boomer & Echo had some money saving tips for savvy travellers.

Krystal wrote about her perfect summer weekend.

According to investing giant BlackRock, dividend stocks allow investors to keep calm while paying on.   I couldn’t agree more.

Rob McLister suggested to stress test your mortgage here.

My friend MDJ broke down his monthly expenses for readers, which is quite good given his busy household.  I think what impressed me the most, he pays only about $125/month for TV, internet, cable and cell phones.  Regarding cable, I like TSN and Golf Channel too much to give it up.  #OpenChampionship

Dan Mac told us how to earn some steady income for dividend stocks.

Big Cajun Man wondered if credit repair is a fallacy.  I suspect yes, since the damage is already done.

Canadian Capitalist shared an update on his Sleepy Mini Portfolio.

I read a fun post over at Thirty Six Months, 7 athletes that ended up stinking rich.

Check out Modest Money for some good credit card offers.

Ever wondered if annuities may be right for you?  This site has you covered, including these top articles from non-biased sources.

Michael James on Money had some thoughts about personal computer costs.

Susan Brunner reviewed Power Corporation.

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