Weekend Reading – Can’t call it quits, Podcasts, Rob Ford antics and more

In support of Financial Literacy Month #FLM2013 I posted two articles recently:

Some name changes required for a few Canadian financial accounts, and

Tax Deferred Investing 101 courtesy of RRSPs.

More 101 articles are on the way, including my take on credit.

By now, you (and the rest of the world) have heard about Rob Ford and his antics.  I’m not sure if I can write anymore here on my site than what’s already been written or said but in a warped way, I almost feel sorry for the guy.  Seems Rob Ford doesn’t know how to back away from his crack pipes, his political hijinks and everything in between that attracts the wrong kind of attention.  The big man needs a big breather from the media spotlight and I hope he finds the courage to do it.

I can’t top the Rob Ford story on this site but I hope you enjoy this Weekend Reading list all the same. 🙂


MMM shared a reader case study; a reader who can’t seem to call it a career despite having over $4 million in net worth.

How To Save Money said never pay to upgrade your computer’s memory.

Sustainable Personal Finance had a post about the importance of saving early.

Marissa asked:  How often do you Google yourself?

The guys at My University Money interviewed the straight-shooter Dan Bortolotti.

In another podcast I enjoyed listening to the conversation Preet Banerjee had with Justin Bender and Shannon Dalziel  of PWL Capital, and Dan Bortolotti.

Ben Carlson offered some dinner conversation starters, if you want to chat about stocks and the U.S. economy.

Mr. CBB’s net worth jumped almost 2%.

Robb Engen asked if you’d buy your groceries online.  Not for me.

The Big Cajun Man and I had the same thoughts when it comes to the #RobFord story.

Michael James on Money did some math on the WSOP.

Y&T offered a few reasons why the TFSA is a great account for young professionals.

Dividend Ninja said better late than never, saving for retirement after age 40.

My friend The Blunt Bean Counter is giving away a book:  Dream Job by Richard Peddie.

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15 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Can’t call it quits, Podcasts, Rob Ford antics and more"

  1. There are so many people out there that have problems and many are in high power jobs or in the spotlight. With Rob it seems his life is on a platter now and he has to deal with it like every other celebrity around. Is he a celebrity? Well he has the world talking and even those that don’t live in Toronto know of Rob Ford. Thanks for the mention mate.

  2. The biggest mistake Rob Ford made personally was making an enemy of the Toronto Star. They’ve been gunning for him ever since and have made it their mission to bring him down.
    I hope he can find some way to help; he seems headed for personal disaster.

  3. Rob Ford has created quite the spectacle. His strongest card right now is his promise to keep cutting costs. Toronto taxpayers may still support him if they believe he’ll reduce their taxes. I’m doubtful he can pull it off, but who knows.

    1. Yeah, Ford is a circus. I suppose if he can find ways to cut costs, fine, but as long as it doesn’t come back to bite Torontonians in the long-term. No point in cutting cuts now only to raise taxes by many folds in the future.

      Hope you have a great weekend.


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