Weekend Reading – Canada Day, investing, $591.12 weddings, best online banks and more

Before we get to the weekend reading list of articles here are some fun Canada Day facts:

  • Canada Day was formerly called Dominion Day. Canada Day didn’t come into being until 1982.
  • Cross-country television transmission by our trusted CBC began on Canada Day in 1958.
  • The Order of Canada, the highest civilian honour was inaugurated on Canada Day in 1967.
  • “O Canada” became our official national anthem on Canada Day in 1980.
  • Some famous people born on Canada Day: Pamela Anderson, Dan Akroyd, Lady Diana the Princess of Wales, Olivia de Havilland, and Estee Lauder.
  • Originally, the official celebration of Canada Day was held only in Ottawa. However from 1980 onwards, the special day for Canada has been celebrated in every municipality across the nation.  So enjoy what your local community has going on today 🙂

Happy Canada Day and enjoy the articles!

Here is a CBC interview with Mr. Money Mustache.

Young & Thrifty listed Canada’s best online banks.

Dividend Growth Investor said time in the market is your friend.

Dividend Earner wrote about dividends vs. distributions.  In short, dividends are generally a discretionary payment from a company’s after-tax earnings to shareholders.  A distribution is comprised of dividends, capital gains, income and return of capital.  Distributions for some investments are mandatory.  This makes the tax consequences for some investments that pay distributions more complicated than investments that pay dividends, and those tax consequences can apply to you as an investor.

Boomer & Echo talked about net worth.

Andrew Hallam has this advice for your portfolio – don’t fall for the market’s bait and switch. “Sure, you could try to time the market’s next hot sector. But odds are, you’ll look like a dog chasing its tail.”

Scott Adams had an interesting post about persuasion – Clinton vs. Trump.

Big Cajun Man wrote about the challenges associated with securing a power of attorney for an autistic family member.

Kerry Taylor has “zero regrets spending just $591.12” on her wedding.

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  1. Taylor could have saved $591 and just lived with her husband-to-be for a year (for free) to be deemed legally common law. Relationship status is really only important if you decide to get divorced. But no one does that, right? 😉

    Time to go put on some Hip, enjoy a frosty one, and give thanks I live in Canada (despite all our regulations and taxes!).


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