Weekend Reading – Buffett’s top stocks, debt buyers, REITs, #sinkhole and more

Welcome to your latest Weekend Reading edition, some of the best personal finance and investing articles from the blogosphere.  Earlier this week, I caught with an index investor on his way to financial freedom – you can check out his portfolio here.   I also started a new partnership on my site, with ModernAdvisor and profiled their online portfolio management service.  You can try ModernAdvisor risk-free for 30 days with a trial account funded with $1,000 of ModernAdvisor’s money.  At the end of your trial period you can keep any gains if you open and fund a new ModernAdvisor account.

Finally on my site this week, I had a rebuttal to this article – why a personal finance day per month is a good idea.  I don’t think so

Best wishes for your weekend and don’t let any #sinkhole stand in your way!


Sure Dividend highlighted Buffett’s top-20 stocks based on yield.

Young bought one BRK.B (Berkshire B –Class Share) so she could buy a credential and attend the Berkshire Annual General Meeting.

I loved John Oliver’s takedown of Debt Buyers.

Joel Schlesinger reached out to yours truly for this Winnipeg Free Press article – how to be a landlord without the headaches.  Thanks Joel – now check out the article folks.

Many Millennials seem set on home ownership regardless of price.  This article said many 20- and 30-somethings are flocking to the ‘burbs to afford a home.

Dividend Growth Investor had some ideas about stress testing your dividend portfolio.

Be Smart Rich is working on this passive income plan.

Dividend Hustler made some recent buys.

Proteus reached out to me recently and let me know about this educational video on pension plan compliance for plan sponsors.

Here’s another reminder to check out this valuable (FREE) ebook about Women and Money.

Big Cajun Man paid a small fee for his health.

Boomer & Echo is looking for an automated solution to generate retirement income.  Mine is dividend income from about 40 stocks and a couple ETFs.

Freedom Thirty Five Blog shared his food stamp challenge.

Here is a (U.S.) penny for your thoughts from Michael James on Money.

Mr. Money Mustache told us happiness is the only logical pursuit.

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17 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Buffett’s top stocks, debt buyers, REITs, #sinkhole and more"

  1. Debt buyers: I’d like to say “Only in America”, but I’m pretty sure this is how every bank operates.

    Home ownership (at any price): perhaps the longest running propaganda scheme around?

    Food stamp challenge: one week, no problem. Try trying to eat like that for decades.

    MMM: some might pursue happiness as an end, others might pursue different goals/endeavours and achieve happiness along the way.

  2. Thanks for the mention. That sink hole must have been ground breaking news. I hope nobody was hurt. Too bad the stand alone HBO streaming service isn’t in Canada yet. For now I’ll just watch John Oliver on Youtube. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  3. I’m not good at coming up with analogies, but the Sinkhole might be applicable. One needs to know the underling strength of their stocks, else they could drag down their holdings. Evaluating 10 to 15 stocks and deciding if they meet certain criteria to me is feasible, but when buying etf’s one doesn’t bother considering what makes it up. One just assumes it will go with the flow. I prefer to know exactly what I hold and why I hold it.

  4. Thanks for the mention Mark. Much appreciated.

    Yeah, I saw the sinkhole from the news. In the middle of downtown Ottawa… Crazy huh?

    I can’t believe what’s happening to Vancouver and Toronto housing market. About 30-40% of the values are bubbled up now which will eventually crash. 20-30 years should just rent. No need to buy and stuck with a huge debt that they cannot afford. Anything can happen… Losing jobs, Increasing interest rates etc…


  5. I would have paid it myself (if my insurance hadn’t picked up the bill), money well worth spending. Hopefully the “portal to hell on Rideau Street” will be closed up soon! Have a great weekend and thanks for the inclusion.


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