Weekend Reading – Boomers, OSC, America’s lack of savings, maxed out and more

Welcome to some of the finest personal finance and investing articles from the blogosphere.  This week I shared a few of my big fat investing mistakes.  If you share your own mistakes you can enter to win a one-year investing subscription from 5iResearch, a $150 value.  I also provided an update on our dividend income journey to financial freedom – we’re just shy of 40% of reaching our goal.  We still have a long ways to go…

Enjoy the articles below about the aging Boomer demographic, how many middle-class Americans have virtually no retirement savings and how one investor is in an enviable financial position – both his registered accounts are maxed out.  Thanks for reading!

There is an interesting essay here about the economic headaches on the horizon with the aging Boomer demographic.

When it comes to investing, it really boils down to funding our hopes and dreams (not about capital formation, risk weightings or asset allocations – although those things are very important).  A good, short video by the Ontario Securities Commission is here.

This article says America’s middle to upper class have virtually no retirement savings.  From the article: “…about 25% of upper-middle-class 40- to 55-year-olds have less than $17,500 in financial assets.”

Our Big Fat Wallet is in an enviable position with his TFSA and RRSP maxed out – so he wonders what to do next.

Tawcan as part of his latest dividend income update is looking for “a 20%+ drop in the market in January time frame is certainly very welcomed from our point of view.”

Michael James on Money wrote about retirement spending stages.

Some good reminders from BrighterLife this week why we wear the poppy.

The Globe and Mail listed 10 Canadian stocks for conservative investors.  You can find almost every one of those stocks (and more) in this post.

Want to buy a parking spot in Boston?  Got $650,000?  No, that’s not a typo.

If you have 25 minutes to spare, listen to John Robertson author of The Value of Simple on Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses.

Dividend Growth Investor discussed his approach for entering wealth preservation mode. We’re still in full-on growth mode.

Unfortunately Big Cajun Man needs to re-apply for this certificate – that was news to him.

Barry Choi highlighted three credit cards that have no (extra) foreign exchange fees.  You still have the foreign exchange to consider though.

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  1. re: Americans savings…is it really that surprising? With the North American millionaire population hovering between 1-2%, of course there are going to be a lot of poor high-income earners.

    re: Boston parking…many years ago that was (and still is) one of my ultimate investment goals — owning a parking lot. Not much beats having space for people to put their stuff. Thing is, most cities possess parking lot monopolies (e.g. Impark) which makes barrier to entry quite high. Any parking lot stocks out there?


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