Weekend Reading – Boomers, money tips, investing success and bear markets

Welcome to some Weekend Reading friends, my roundup of good personal finance and investing reads for the week that was.   Earlier this week, it crossed my mind some signs you can retire right now (or you probably need to wait) and I profiled a diligent long-term saver who thanks to his disciplined ways has no retirement worries.  Find out why here.

Enjoy these articles and share away this weekend.  See you here next week.

This article said baby boomers don’t understand retirement.

Thanks for the shout out Tangerine!


Here are 15 money saving tips to live by.  #15 is important for me, you have to live your life.

Congrats to Dividend Growth Investor celebrating 8 years of blogging and investing success.

Looks like Millennials are getting the jump on retirement savings, according to Tangerine.  From the article: “62 per cent of millennials (those 18-34) have started saving for retirement and almost half (46 per cent) said they started before the age of 25.”

Investors need to embrace bear markets.

After the golden rule of personal finance consider these ones.

Larry MacDonald profiled this accountant and his money management approach.

Our Big Fat Wallet suggests using online classifieds to save money.

Holy Potato had quite the essay about the housing market.

Tawcan went shopping for these Canadian bank stocks.

Michael James on Money tells an identity theft tale.

Biomodal Financial Planning?  Sure, that term could work, whatever gets me out of debt and helps me retire early – I’m in Big Cajun Man.

Rapper 50 Cent’s fortune is a fraction of what it used to be.  In Da Club costs money y’all.

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    1. Very exciting DGI. I hope with investments in our tax-free accounts, we’ll hit that mark very soon. A new update will be coming out in another week or so for January 2016. $1,000 per month we never have to work for again, ever, is very exciting 🙂

  1. There was a time when I read articles like Larry MacDonalds I would quickly check the stocks listed and get excited about buying or getting in on a winning stock.
    Not that they aren’t good stocks or his strategy is bad, it’s just that after finding my own I stopped looking at others recommendations.


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