Weekend Reading – Books to help Canadians save more money and great blogs

Headlining the Weekend Reading roundup is Canada’s Frugal Couple, Steve and Linda Zussino who launched a free ebook this week to help Canadians save and make better use of their money.   The free ebook is entitled Top 100 Websites for Saving Money in Canada.  Thanks for putting My Own Advisor at #34 in the ebook!

Arbor Investment Planner included my post this week in their retirement carnival – thanks!

Rob McLister from CMT offered some considerations about going short with your mortgage term on Boomer & Echo.

Retire Happy Blog said freedom 35 is possible, but not easy.

Canadian Couch Potato had an interview with Barry Gordon – about building an index.

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  1. The Blunt Bean Counter · Edit

    Hey Mark, thx for the link. Also thanks for re-tweets etc during the week.

    With the cold weather, r u now going to try and break 40 at the indoor mini putt 🙂


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