Weekend Reading – Book reviews, fewer RRSP contributions, goals and more

Welcome to your Weekend Reading, all things personal finance and investing.  Here are the articles I posted this week:

A review of Preet’s new book:  Stop Over-Thinking Your Money!

My December 2013 dividend income update.

A portfolio profile from this DIY investor.

Here are some articles I enjoyed this week – check them out when you can – have a great weekend!

MDJ shared some financial keys to start 2014 off right.

This article said fewer Canadians are contributing to their RRSPs this year.  Last year, Canadians contributed on average of about $3,500 to these accounts.

Y&T wrote a fine review of Preet’s new book.  I liked this part which I totally agree with:  “If Preet can’t convince someone to give a crap about their finances and get themselves on the right track, I’m not sure it can be done.”

I learned Mr. Money Mustache and his family live off about $25k USD every year.  That’s very frugal living but if you’re going to retire in your 30s, not sure there is any other way.

Dividend Mantra shared some 2014 goals.

Canadian Capitalist shared why he moved to BMO InvestorLine.

Michael James on Money said currency exposure is partly an illusion.

MoneySense Magazine said Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) are our #1 tax-shelter.

Chantal Marr wrote about 40 ways to save in life insurance.

Dividend Growth Investor is only a few years from financial independence.  The three inputs to his plan are:  dividend growth, reinvestment yield and new capital to invest.

Rob Carrick gave us a number of reasons to love this simple portfolio.

Kerry Taylor shared her take on Preet Banerjee’s new bookStop Over-Thinking Your Money!

Big Cajun Man said “Gosh Darn It…” about paying this again?  Look at it this way BCM, you must make enough money whereby you’re capped CPP and EI contributions during the year 🙂

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    1. I think so Michael but I wonder if it’s more of the former? Hard to say, not sure if some surveys tease out those details but it would be interesting to know. I know for us, TFSAs should be fully maxed out later in 2014, but we’ll still got contribution room for RRSPs.


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