Weekend Reading – Best credit cards, mortgage terms, net worth and much more

Welcome to some Weekend Reading fans.  Thanks again for your support of my site and my journey.  This week I provided some advice for Millennials seeking any sort of retirement plan and if you’re worried about a lower Loonie then read this post.

All the best to you this weekend and see you here again next week!

My friends at Greedy Rates identified the best travel credit cards for 2015.

Forbes listed some very rich athletes.

Rob McLister highlighted some mortgage term studs and dogs.

Preet Banerjee has some good advice about calculating your net worth.

Considering a crappy retirement?

Blonde on a Budget is switching up her budgeting strategy, again. Kudos to her for taking a brave leap into freelance work and this quote sums up her attitude:  “But life is too short to spend it doing anything other than what we want to do.”  I’m working on getting there…

Our Big Fat Wallet had some suggestions for your emergency fund.

The Big Cajun Man is becoming quite the RESP expert.

Vanguard wrote about closing the retirement savings gap.

Dan Bortolotti told us about the changes with ETF VXC.

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