Weekend Reading – Aristocrats, home buyers, debt, unlimited vacations and more

Hi again friends and welcome to some Weekend Reading.  This week I continued my series about living off dividends and distributions, you can read about The Dividend Guy’s plan here and Dividend Earner’s plan over here.

How about them #Jays eh?  Wow.  Whatta Game #5.  They’ll be in tough against KC for the ALCS but I’m clearly on the bandwagon. Another #REDBLACKS game for me this weekend – can’t wait.

Enjoy these weekend reads and see you here again next week when I’ll wrap up my series about living off dividends. Happy investing.

Dividend Earner highlighted some Canadian dividend aristocrats.

Boomer & Echo told us how first time home buyers are entering the market.

From the archives, I write about saving and investing on this site but I remain this much in debt.

LinkedIn just recently provided employees with unlimited vacation time, sort of.  Pretty cool concept.

How To Save Money provided a detailed guide to score cheap hotel deals using Priceline.

Michael James on Money enjoys not paying any credit card fees, but his credit card company doesn’t:

Credit Card

Last but not least, have your say about this consumer protection issue on FinancialPlanningforCanadians.ca, a new commercial-free consumer website dedicated to helping consumers through information, education and product-free advice. Sounds like a good thing to me, just in time for financial planning week next month.


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6 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Aristocrats, home buyers, debt, unlimited vacations and more"

  1. Unlimited vacation days is definitely a catch 22. Probably good for some employees but bad for others.

    I think mandatory vacation is a good thing because we all need time off whether we admit it or not. Thanks for sharing my guide. Will now miss you at the conference this weekend.

  2. Pay for performance — one of the main reasons why gov’t/unions are so ineffective and inefficient — it’s pay for showing up.
    (And more often than not it’s also higher than private sector pay.)

    However, citizens of many European countries enjoy “forced” time-off which dwarves N.American levels, and they seem to live rather pleasant lives.

    Thanks for the financial planning link.

  3. I read an interesting take on the unlimited vacation days in corporate culture and how its meaningless. Basically the article surmised that most of the companies that seem to offer it have intense competition and no one can afford to take a lot of vacation days off anyway – as you will be deemed a slacker by your peers and superiors; and that makes ppl use less than normal vacation days than other companies. Interestingly, the article went on to talk about some companies which have mandatory vacation periods and employees are forced to take time off if they havent taken any by the time December rolls around. Wish I could remember and link to the article.

    Interesting set of reads this week. Thanks for sharing

    1. The way I see it, it’s pay for performance – and always should be. You perform, you get paid. You fulfill your obligations, and do it within reasonable expectations, you get paid. You slack off, you’re into the escalation process to get fired. So, the concept the unlimited vacation days is cool because it really transfers the responsibility of performance and then pay to the employee; how to best manage time off.


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