Weekend Reading – Active management, rants, dumping bonds and more

Welcome to my Weekend Reading edition, I hope you enjoy some of these great articles over the next few days.  All the best and see you here next week!

Jonathan Chevreau wondered why CPP is betting on active management.  He cited Andrew Coyne’s comments here:  “Active management is a crock. To consistently beat the market within a given asset class, a fund manager must be consistently smart and well-informed, he must be consistently smarter and better-informed than all the other smart and well-informed managers out there, all of whom are trying to do the same. That’s vanishingly unlikely.”

Save. Spend. Splurge. said being frugal or cheap doesn’t mean you are morally superior.  A good rant and 100% agree.

Rob Carrick with help from Alexandra Macqueen suggested folks with defined benefit pension plans should dump their bonds.

Tom Drake said you can save money and have fun at the same time – with a staycation.  We like staycations when we’re not travelling.

Here are a few stocks with momentum according to 5iResearch.

Soon you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

The Arbor Investment Planner packaged the iconic The Intelligent Investor into 30 minutes of reading here.

Last but not least, a sincere thank you to Sheryl Smolkin for the interview this week.  I hope to post a link to my interview with her in a few weeks.

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