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Thanks for the continued support of this site.  My Own Advisor gets almost 50,000 pageviews per month!   Earlier this week I provided an update on these financial predictions, telling you “don’t let pros fool you” in what they pretend to know about the future.  I also took time to tabulate this dividend income update and last but not least, Frugal Trader told us why he plans to live off dividends and distributions.

I hope you enjoy this Weekend Reading edition and see you here again next week, and future weeks I hope, where I’ll giveaway some goodies as Christmas shopping season ramps up!  Tune in to win 🙂

This article says REITs are poised for a comeback and should not be forgotten.

Dividend Growth Investor is buying freedom with every investment purchase.  I feel exactly the same way:  “If my wage was $20/hour, I am essentially buying 1.5 – 2 hours of freedom with each $1,000 that I put to work in my portfolio of quality dividend payers.”

Here are ways to take control of your money thanks to Boomer & Echo.

Tom Drake asked some Canadian personal finance experts their money tips.

R2R reported another Kinder Morgan dividend increase.

Happy reading!

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6 Responses to "Weekend Reading – 50,000 views, passionate readers, REITs, buying freedom and more!"

  1. With regards to rrsp or tfsa, certainly there are a number of calculations one can do to decide what might or might not be the best choice. But why not keep it simple. First assume that taxes will always be higher in the future than they are now. Secondly decide if you really need the tax deduction using the rrsp. For me I’d always invest in the max to the tfsa first, then start with the rrsp.

    1. You and I think alike. This is where the TFSA wins. Tax-free sounds very good to me and it might be too good to be true given what the Libs might do now.

      I’ve been saying this for years but I know many people disagree with me. Such is life. 😉


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