Weekend Reading – $100,000 jobs, changing banks are a PITA, super savers and more

Cheers to another summer weekend folks, and some fine Weekend Reading.  Earlier this week, the comments flew in on this post about the markets blowing up and based on reader questions and the curious minds that visit this site I discussed how I manage my DIY stock portfolio.

We have some entertaining planned and plan to be entertained as well (going to my #REDBLACKS game) this weekend so whatever your plans are I hope you have fun.

Here are some of the top paying jobs in America.

Big Cajun Man wrote about the challenges of changing banks.  It’s absolutely a PITA in my opinion.

Dan from Our Big Fat Wallet wrote about super savers.  He cited one family in Ontario has become the example of a super saver family – paying off their mortgage while raising 3 children. They save up to 70% of their net income.  That’s very high and we’re nowhere near saving that much, we spend much more.

Is gold a good investment over stocks, bonds and real estate?  Larry Swedroe says no.

Baytex recently suspended their dividend.  I suspect more oil and gas companies in Canada might be doing the same in the coming months.  I probably need to index investing more.

Royal Bank and CIBC increased their dividends this week.

Robb Engen shared his biggest investing mistake…lack of planning.  We’ve all been guilty of this…

Rob Carrick told us cheap mortgage rates don’t justify home ownership.  This is because the gap between rental rates and purchase costs remain large in many cities.  That’s not really the case in Ottawa.

Steadyhand had some advice for down markets.

Tom Drake outlined some risks associated with leveraged investing.

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