TurboTax Canada makes tax filing easy – so enter this giveaway here!

TurboTax Canada makes tax filing easy – so enter this giveaway here!

The following article is in partnership with TurboTax Canada.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tax season is here friends – but you might not be as excited about that as I am!

This post should help change that.

What I mean is, to be honest, I actually enjoy doing my taxes…and TurboTax online software helps me.

This software can help you too – because let’s face it – doing your taxes can seem overwhelming and be time consuming.  Our Canadian tax code is not helpful either – it’s unnecessarily complex in our progressive tax system.

What the heck does that mean?

In the simplest terms, our progressive system means the more you earn, the more you pay in taxes – but not always!   In any given tax year, there are dozens upon dozens of personal circumstances that might alter your tax rate and therefore taxes owing.  You see, everyone receives a ‘basic tax exemption’ in Canada but that’s where the words ‘basic’ and ‘tax code’ totally end.

Tax filing on your own without any help or prompts or guidance can be both very cumbersome AND costly.  You already know you can reduce your taxes owing thanks to making donations to registered charities – which we do; contributing to your tax-deferred RRSP account – which we do but you can also significantly reduce your taxes payable based on your eligibility with tax credits and deductions.

With our Income Tax Act and related regulations, do you really want to sift through 3,000+ pages of tax code to figure things out?  Do you really want to pay someone to figure out what’s best for you?

Me neither – so I’ve decided to use TurboTax online software again this year and I suggest you consider the same.

Before we get to my giveaway, (you can win 1 of 3 promotional codes below) here are some great features you should know about when it comes to TurboTax as you comparison shop for tax filing software this year.

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Why I like and will use TurboTax again this year

  1. The interface.

I’ve used the online version almost exclusively for a few years now and I love the interface.  While the suite of TurboTax Canada ‘downloadable’ products remains available, I really like the fact I can login via my secure password and instantly get to a clean, simple and very intuitive interface to use for my tax filing needs.  For someone that works to support various software projects and uses multiple workplace software applications every day (in my day job), I appreciate a software interface that is designed to be user-centric.  TurboTax nails this.

Desktop TurboTax Canada

Image courtesy of TurboTax Canada.

  1. The scalability.

TurboTax Canada doesn’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all model.  That only makes sense.  Not everyone has a small business like I do.  I’m also not a student and I don’t have any kids.  TurboTax knows Canadians have various tax filing needs and have designed (and priced) software to suit your requirements for any tax season.

TurboTax Canada Prompts

Image courtesy of TurboTax Canada.

I’ve always used the Self-Employed online version myself and I will continue to do so this year.  Regardless of the online version you use, there are some great features that apply to any version:

  • Forget downloading the most recent tax forms – use the online version to remain up-to-date on the latest tax year changes ‘in the cloud’ without any hassles.
  • Save time – ‘auto-fill your return’ that will import your CRA tax data directly into your return!
  • Need security when doing any work online? Of course, you want that – all TurboTax online versions protect your information with data encryption.

What’s even better this year – there is also a mobile app for that!

Mobile App - TurboTax Canada

New for this tax year, you can initiate, amend and perform any tax filing information from the comfort of your couch using your smartphone or tablet.  You bet I’m going to try out this feature – why not – it’s FREE to use the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

TurboTax Canada Anytime - Anywhere

Image courtesy of TurboTax Canada.

  1. The confidence.

Plain and simple, thanks to the user-friendly interface and all the embedded prompts and guidance within the cloud-based version I will use again this year, I have full confidence I won’t leave any stone unturned when I submit my taxes for review by CRA.  The step-by-step tax filing process almost guarantees I won’t make a mistake and ensures I can file my taxes securely.

TurboTax Canada Guarantee

Image courtesy of TurboTax Canada.

TT 580x180-SAVE20-EN - My Own Advisor

TurboTax tax tips and calculators

What I’m also a fan of, TurboTax offers a great website with a host of tax tips if and when you need them.  Although I always advise you to speak to a CRA representative or a tax accountant if you are unclear about any tax need, the TurboTax site offers a strong list of blogposts and articles about what you need to prepare your taxes; free downloadable ebooks for self-employed individuals and much more – within a click.

One great example is this online tax calculator.

All of this content is FREE even if you don’t use the software – but I know you might!

Enter the TurboTax giveaway!

There are absolutely other software products out there – to assist you and your family with tax filing preparation.  I’ve used pretty much all of them.  I’m a fan and supporter of TurboTax online versions because of the software’s simplicity, robust prompts and questioning, and add-on features like TurboTax Live if and when you need that.

Essentially, this software product does all the heavy-lifting for me.

Maybe that’s why I actually enjoy doing my taxes every year.

Want to win a few online promotion codes for the gold-standard, Self-Employed cloud-based version?

Go for it!!

Thanks to my partnership again with TurboTax Canada this year – I encourage you to enter the giveaway below and seize every opportunity to win a version to use!  I’ll draw the names at random in the coming weeks and email the winners directly.  You must be a Canadian resident to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Last but not least, although there are 15% discount offers available – My Own Advisor readers can receive 20% off TurboTax Canada this year! 

Click here for that discount – valid until April 30, 2019!

Good luck on the giveaway and thanks for being a fan to win more, learn more, and save more with My Own Advisor!

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50 Responses to "TurboTax Canada makes tax filing easy – so enter this giveaway here!"

  1. I dread tax season as I have to calculate use of my car as an employment expense. BUT….2018 is the last year for that as I retired!! Tax time should be alot more straight forward next year. I hope.

  2. Gave up Turbo Tax. Hard to see & understand what the numbers are in the calculations, the screen does not represent the image of the actual tax forms which are straight forward. Download from CRA of information they had from my “T3’s & T5’s” was done twice. But this is not seen on the screen or in the review before submitting even though we checked it three times. Discussing with them gave a run around answer with no guarantee or refund. I’ve gone to Simple Tax which is “SIMPLE” and you can see all of the numbers AND the screen is identical to paper forms making it much easier to follow.

    1. Sorry to hear Brian. I’ve been very pleased with the product over the years and I’ve tried many others including Simple Tax. There are, as a collection, a number of good products out there – far better than the pen to paper exercise I learned on from my parents!

  3. Turbo Tax is great and have used it for years. We have tax time parties where the kids come over and take turns entering their data and then have a big meal together. I prefer the forms method. The RSSP Maximizer is a great feature. Already got my refund for 2018.

    1. Wow, that’s really taking it up a notch “tax time parties” with kids!! Great stuff, re: refund for 2018 back already. I hope to file my taxes (using TurboTax) this week.

  4. Kinda hard to rationalize paying for a product when SimpleTax and StudioTax both do an amazing job for free (or for donations).

    I mean.. if I was paying for a graphic design software, it would make sense.
    But filing taxes is required by the government. I don’t believe we should be the ones paying to do what someone else asks us to do.

    1. Totally understand your point of view Jon. That said, for self-employed individuals, professional advice and services (e.g., TurboTax) can be a tax deduction.

  5. I’ve been purchasing and using Turbo Tax for well over a dozen years. I used an accounting firm because of the farm at a price of just shy of a grand. After a couple of years of learning the ins and outs of keeping the books, I went with Turbo Tax and never looked back. With various family members and friends it did as many as ten returns in some years. Well worth the thirty some odd bucks IMO. The only gripe I have is that the farm data has to be entered on each individual return. It would be nice if there was just one place to enter and then have that data exported to the other return. I’m going to look real stupid *if* there is a way and I just never figured it out. 😉

    I mostly use the form method versus the interview method, I just find it easier.

  6. Have been using StudioTax for the last few years since I only need to file one return so far, but it would be really nice to try out the new TurboTax for sure!

  7. I want to win because I do my husband and I taxes. My three adult kids taxes. My daughter’s significant other, my cousin’s, my aunt and uncle’s taxes too! It would nice to not have to pay for the program to do it! Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. Love your work on this site Mark. Yours is nearly the only thing I subscribe to. On taxes, I’be been bouncing back and forth between the online version and the boxed version from Costco. They don’t appear to be connected so my advice is to pick and stay with one if you want last year’s info to be imported.

  9. I find the way the software leads you (with appropriate questions) though the right schedules helps maximize your return. It addition, it auto-populates many of the tedious schedules and goes through an error check at the end before you submit.


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