Travel Hacking Your Way to Savings and Deals – Giveaway

Who doesn’t love travelling?  Who doesn’t love to save money, earn rewards and take advantage of great deals when travelling?  That’s what I thought.

Travel hacking sounds like computer hacking, something bad, something you’ll get caught for.  On the contrary, travel hacking is a very good thing and something you’ll want to do, often.  A new book by Steve Zussino will show you how.

Steve Zussino has been showing Canadians how to get deals for years.  He co-founded Grocery Alerts Canada with his wife Lina, sharing how to shrink your grocery bills.  His savings tips and money advice have been featured in CNN Money, The Globe and Mail and MoneySense Magazine to name a few sources.  Steve recently launched to post travel tips, deals and advice to Canadians wanting to see new lands and far-off destinations without breaking the bank.  Travel Hacking for Canadians is a great guide for every Canadian and my friend was kind enough to send me a copy of his book to read and giveaway on my site.  Here’s what you’ll find and what I liked about Steve’s guide on how to travel for less.

Section 1 – Air Travel

Most Canadians have heard of Aeroplan, Air Miles, WestJet Dollars and Starwood Preferred Guest loyalty programs.  However, did you know there is a website that helps travellers earn 10-20 times the typical airline miles per booking?  Steve’s book will share those details.   Travel Hacking for Canadians also provides a very detailed look at the top credit cards available for maximizing travel rewards and how to get your annual fee on these rewards cards waived or reduced.  Now that you’ve learned how to earn your miles, Steve provides advice on how to spend them wisely, demonstrating through examples what good redemption values look like.

Section 2 – Accommodation

Finding a great place to stay when travelling is easy.  Finding a great place to stay that’s affordable when travelling is the tough part.  Travel Hacking includes tips and tricks for closing great deals on opaque booking sites like Priceline and Hotwire.   Steve also tells you what hotels allow you to “raid the mini bar” in your guest room for every stay.  Chapter 8 includes a comprehensive list of alternative hotel options that allow you to stretch your dollars.

Section 3 – Transportation

Anyone that has ever rented a car knows it’s not always cheap.  Travel Hacking highlights the extra fees car rental companies charge and how you can get around those additional fees and taxes.

Section 4 – Cruises

You might already know that taking a repositioning cruise will save you money but did you know many travel agents will price match?  Steve offers this tip and many others if you love cruising and want to save money when doing so.  Heck, you can even cruise for free if you follow one of Steve’s tips!

Smart travel spending strategies are all over the internet which is great for Canadians who love to travel and want to save money in the process.   The beauty of Travel Hacking for Canadians is this book consolidates that information in one tidy package.

Here’s your chance to win a copy of Steve’s book.   One name will be drawn at random.  After the giveaway is over, one lucky winner will get an ebook of Travel Hacking for Canadians sent to them via email from me.  Good luck to you and stay tuned for more giveaways on my site later this year.

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26 Responses to "Travel Hacking Your Way to Savings and Deals – Giveaway"

  1. I’m big on travel hacking and I’ve recently gotten more into it. I do wish we could travel hack to the extent that Americans can with their credit cards and sign up bonuses, but that’s not an option so I do the best with what we can. I have a LOT of points right now that I could use toward a great trip.

  2. It would be interesting to me to see what this author says.
    I have been travelling cheaply all my life, it is a matter of picking your priorities.

    I need nice places to stay, so usually pick small family owned hotels. It definitely helps if the country/area of choice is a cheaper one to begin with! I did a wonderful 9 week trip and my total cost was $60 day including private tours, ziplining twice, amazing sites.


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