Top 10 excuses for not filing your 2012 taxes…yet

Top 10 excuses for not filing your 2012 taxes…yet

With the deadline to file 2012 personal income taxes with the fine folks at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)  approaching fast I thought it might be fun to provide a few excuses some procrastinators might have for filing late.

Here are the top-10 excuses for not filing your 2012 taxes…yet…

10. 3-words:  Witness. Protection. Program.

9. Didn’t my spouse take care of all this money stuff?

8. I thought “GST” meant “Good Stalling Tactics”?

7. My son is 39 and lives in my basement.  I’m too busy trying to kick him out of the house to do my taxes dammit.

6. I’m waiting for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to “Like” me on Facebook first.

5. I lost my favourite shoebox with all my receipts.

4. I thought tax filing was for nerds and geeks.

3. I’m waiting for My Own Advisor to write a blogpost about some tax filing tips.

2. I have 1 kid in university and another one graduating high school this year.  I don’t have any income to report.

1. I’m waiting for the Leafs to win the Stanley Cup.

Each year, thousands of Canadians wait until the last possible moment to file their tax returns.  Proud supporters of this site, H&R Block Canada, can help you avoid becoming another statistic this tax season – consider getting some professional help with your tax files or get after it yourself if you’re running late.

Have you ever missed filing your tax return?  If not, good on you, but what is the best excuse you’ve heard for not filing taxes on time?

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  1. I’ve been waiting for the CRA to “like” me on Facebook for years! My partner still hasn’t filed his taxes, but for good reason; he owes the CRA and won’t be getting a refund. He wanted to collect interest on that money until the last possible moment. We use HR Block every year :).

  2. I expect lots of people this year will be saying “They never mailed me my forms.”

    Best excuse I’d like to hear next year? Maybe that the Leafs won the Cup and I still haven’t recovered from the shock?

  3. Reminds me of my mates in University who would wait until the last minute to study for exams. We tend to wait until the last minute to do things we don’t want to do especially if it brings us no value. You can bet though that people who know they are getting money back and need it had their taxes done before they even started to say, send them in. Why, because they are getting something from the deal that they need. Others that are getting money back and don’t care about it, wait as it’s no big deal, and then you have those on your list haha… I like the I though my spouse was taking care of it.

    1. Ha. Well, I’m still taking classes part-time and still wait for the last minute to study. Bad, I know…

      I never had a fat refund coming to me anyhow, but even a few hundred bucks back in tax refund is a good thing and I figure it’s my money, so I want it back sooner than later.

  4. #2 is funny because it’s true.

    Actually, to spin this around to a more serious note, we just calculated that our regular RESP contributions for our youngest will be enough to pay the 2/3’s of university costs that we cover for them. And we just reviewed his budget with him to ensure he’ll have his 1/3 of costs saved up (along with what he’ll make in the summers during university) and he looks to be on target as well.

    So while it’s kind of funny to talk about university expenses, with our kids living at home to go to school and proper planning with RESP’s, university has turned out to be basically no additional expense for our family. So a reminder – if you haven’t started your RESP’s for your kids, this is the week to commit to getting one started.

    1. Ha. I had some fun with this one…

      I’m not surprised you’ve invested well Glenn, to get your youngest through university mostly debt-free. You’re a logical math guy!

      I think kids living at home, going to school, makes a massive difference in avoiding debt. Parents and kids alike. I recall my student loan was about $7,000 when I finished post-secondary; with a degree first then a diploma. I think I paid that off when I was 25. Not too bad considering the debt of some kids/students these days…


  5. I used to be a slacker a few years ago and wait until the last minute to fill my taxes. I find it silly since each year I get a tax return ;-).

    I heard a few people saying that it was complicated… like waiting is going to make your paperwork easier to fill!

    This year, I’ve received my tax return at the beginning of April ;-D

  6. The two best excuses for not filing your taxes YET are:

    1) I’ve been away all winter in Hawaii and just got back
    2) I owe money and therefore I am waiting until the last minute to file my return and submit my payment.

    Both of these apply to me 😉



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