The merits of personal finance blogging

About four months ago, I started personal finance blogging full-tilt and launched this site. As my passion for personal finance has grown; using this site to log my perspectives, opinions and my (do-it-myself) approach to financial independence, I’ve come to appreciate some great things about blogging. In no particular order of importance, here are the top three things (to date) I enjoy about personal finance blogging:

1. It improves your typing and writing skills! Like most of you I’m sure, I spend too much time in front of my work PC. Meetings, phone calls and more meetings are reprieves that get me out of my chair for a few hours each day, but overall I still spend at least 50% of my day in my cubicle within a large cubicle farm. Yet even when I’m writing at work, it’s a different style of writing.  At work, I have “canned” customers who want brevity, facts and action. Maintaining My Own Advisor has helped me improve my writing skills and use a few different writing styles, something I didn’t necessarily think would happen nor appreciate so much.

2. You meet some pretty darn smart people! Before My Own Advisor, although I visited a few personal finance blogs and sites, I didn’t leave many posts nor interact with their authors. That changed in the last four months and I can summarize very easily what I’ve found in the personal finance community: there are some pretty darn smart people out there! They’re not necessarily CAs, CGAs, CMAs, CFPs or RHUs. They’re teachers, nurses, engineers, scientists and stay-at-home moms who live through frugality, live on fixed incomes and have kids or in some cases elderly parents to support. Many of them have become “experts” in their own right through trial and error, learning from others, or a combination of both. I’m continually impressed by the personal finance body of knowledge floating about and feel almost privileged in that I have an ability and opportunity to contribute.

3. Accelerating our progress! In using My Own Advisor to log my/our journey to financial independence, I’ve realized I’ve made progress, big time! In fact, even having written, measurable and realistic goals is progress unto itself. Since starting My Own Advisor our net worth has increased; we’ve grown our retirement funds,  same with our emergency funds and reduced our mortgage debt. We’ve stopped contributing to investments that “weren’t working for us” and started new investments that make sense such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).  While you don’t need a personal finance blog to achieve this, I personally feel blogging has accelerated these outcomes. I feel inspired when blogging on my site because I’ve realized it’s never too late in life to learn something new, improve or become passionate about something. To date, my blogging has instilled some new-found confidence, a positive outcome that I consider a catalyst for success in any facet of your life.

Here’s hoping the next four months (or four years for that matter) are just as enjoyable and rewarding. Cheers!

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