September Update – working through our 2010 financial goals

Where did the summer go again? I’m sure you’ve thought about that one before so I won’t dwell on it…sigh.

With the calendar on our fridge showing September, I figured it was a good time to provide (and share) an update about “where we’re at” with our 2010 financial goals. (If you want to know what they are, you can scroll to the bottom of this page). I’m happy to report, we’ve made more progress!

Last month, I informed you we completed our last transaction related to goal # 3: “clean-up” RRSP accounts. That was pretty exciting, because a) it was somewhat painful and b) it took almost eight full months to complete…but this goal update is even better. This month, we’re officially half-way done goal # 6: save for and take a great trip!

We’ve paid for our flights, we’ve booked our accommodations and in seven weeks we’re off to Argentina!

My wife and I are looking very forward to our trip, not only because we haven’t been to South America yet, but we didn’t take much vacation this summer. It was a hot, tough grind, but we think our Argentina reward will be worth it. We can’t wait to visit this land of rainforests, big city life, mountains and our most important criteria, lots of red wine!

Over the last year or so, my wife and I have used our super simple automatic savings plan to sock away over $3,000 for this trip. You may have read about our approach to savings in my previous post.

Over the next few weeks, packing for the trip will begin as will more savings for the trip, money to be used for rare finds on the streets of Buenos Aires, an excursion into the rainforest near Brazil or our wine tour through the Andes. Thanks to our super simple automatic savings plan, disciplined budget and clear financial goals, we’re soon off for a great vacation. I’m confident we’ll have many experiences to share when we get back, not to mention, our Spanish should be better.

Having financial goals are great, realizing them, is even better!

How are you doing with your financial goals?
Which ones are you most proud of?

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