Moving Day to My Own Site!!!

Hi Everyone! 

Well, I’ve finally made the move…to my own site.

Yup, you can now read My Own Advisor at While I expect some challenges and glitches over the coming weeks, I hope you’ll be patient with me.

If you’ve found this page, you might have to re-subscribe to my blog.  I apologize for that.  I’m just learning about hosting my own site as I go…

Over the coming weeks, I hope to have everything sorted out, and in the process, have a better platform to run my blog and interact with you.

I hope you like my new site, my new location and you visit often.

Enjoy your weekend,

18 Responses to "Moving Day to My Own Site!!!"

  1. I have followed your common sense and clearly written pragmatic articles for a couple of years now. You are down to earth in your rationale and certainly give me a motivation to “do the right thing” regarding investment and divestment strategies.

    As you clearly said a short while ago deciding when to get rid of losers is one of the hardest bullets to bite (for me anyway). It was reassuring to read your article stating the same mental “restrictions” that you also had. With reaffirmation “I cleaned house” and now feel more “comfortable” with my replacement choices.

    Thanks and a VERY GOOD site

  2. Andrew, thanks! Glad to know you’re still following along! Hopefully I can recoup some other great fans whom I might have lost from the transfer (to WordPress).

  3. The Dividend Ninja, thanks man! I also want to thank you personally for your help and words of encouragement as I’m still learning WordPress.

  4. Echo, thanks for your support as well! Yes, talked to Passive Income Earner and he was helpful. One step at a time for me with this new site.

  5. Congrats Mark, you won’t regret it. The site looks great. Did you speak with Passive Income Earner about the transfer? I’m sure he has a few tips to make sure all of your RSS subscribers come over and old links work properly..


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