Long Weekend Reading – Mortgages vs. Investing, volatility, quizzes and more

Welcome to some long Weekend Reading, some of my favourite personal finance and investing articles from the week that was.   On this site, I wrote about the best things the TFSA offers and I listed some 20 Canadian dividend paying stocks an investor could almost buy and hold forever.

Over at my friend’s site, Million Dollar Journey, I settled the mortgage paydown vs. investing debate although I’m sure others will continue to write about it again.

I wish you a happy and healthy long weekend – enjoy these articles when you have some downtime.

Steadyhand said to embrace volatility for better returns.

Michael James on Money shared a leverage quiz – interesting stuff.

Mr. CBB says don’t assume there is less stress with financial freedom, agreed, but I feel having no debt and some sort of financial plan is definitely a path worth taking regardless what the future holds.

Here is another quality article from the folks at MoneySense about the 7 chestnuts of personal finance.

The Dividend Guy wondered if there is any further upside in these sectors.

Retire Happy explained some reasons why folks over-contribute to their TFSA.   Even some personal finance bloggers mess this up.

Ian McGugan looked at the 4% withdrawal rule.

Here are some reasons to avoid using RRSPs.

Freedom Thirty Five Blog wrote about the Whopper of a pending deal:  Burger King and Tim Hortons.

Boomer & Echo told us more ways the financial industry is screwing over Canadians.

The Big Cajun Man shared his thoughts about back to school week.

Dividend Mantra invests like an owner.

Barry Choi says to track your spending – now!

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17 Responses to "Long Weekend Reading – Mortgages vs. Investing, volatility, quizzes and more"

  1. Thanks for the mention 🙂 I also like to tackle the mortgage and invest at the same time, and depending on the current cost of borrowing I will lean more favourably to one side or the other. Woohoo! Long weekend! 😀

  2. Great reading, thanks for those Mark.

    On a slightly different topic….I’m at the point where I have “enough” between indexed DBs, RRSPs, TFSAs, unregistered investments and hobby income that I am looking at reducing risk. I’d still keep all the investments I have but the majority of savings going forward I’d just ladder some GICs with maybe further stocks if prices warrant it. This will be my last year of employment so no more RRSP contributions. In fact I will be removing cash from the RRSP account up to the 43K income tax bracket and putting that in an un-registered account. I don’t know what else to do with the money.

    1. An excellent problem to have Lloyd….the “enough” money.

      I’ve also read not contributing to your RRSP in your last year of work can be a smart move. If you’re in a position with “enough” money, then I would just enjoy it. Without knowing all the details, it sounds like you’ve done all the right things to this point Lloyd. I only hope my journey is just as successful. 🙂

  3. I have been enjoying a quiet week off, after last week’s excitement, but remember folks Labour Day weekend is a good time to give blood as well! Thanks for the inclusion, and enjoy the Workers Control of the Means of Production Day!

  4. Thanks for my weekly reads here… and for sharing a CBB post. Have a great weekend Mark… I’m hoping baby holds off until I’m done the shower next week but with my luck that might not happen but that’s ok waited a long time for baby. 🙂


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