Long Weekend Reading – Income, Vanguard, getting ahead, bank stocks and more

Here’s another Weekend Reading edition folks – the best in personal finance and investing right here.  Earlier this week I told you our simple plan to save, invest and then reinvest dividends in this April update and I’m giving away more stuff on my site, Carl Richard’s autographed book The One-Page Financial Plan.

I’m definitely looking forward to this Victoria Day weekend.  Enjoy what you have planned (or not) and thanks for reading!

Roadmap2Retire shared some solid passive income.

Vanguard shared some reflections from their 40th anniversary.  Kudos to them for changing the investing landscape.

Using a case study on his site Robb Engen told us spending is keeping this couple from getting ahead.

Michael James on Money offered up a new bank fee – he was kidding of course.

Rob Carrick provided some ideas to prevent financial stocks from taking over your portfolio.

Kyle Prevost suggested some ways to diversify and allocate your assets.

From my Archives, are you living your financial values?

Time Spent and Money Spent

Image courtesy of Behavior Gap

Dividend Earner has a take on the best bank stocks to buy now.

Dan Bortolotti answered a question for potato investors:  should you replace bonds with cash?  Personally, if you’re saving for a short-term goal (say less than one year or so) then cash is the place to be.  Good post Dan.

Canadian Budget Binder provided a few reasons why your food bill is so expensive.

Big Cajun Man shared some financial first date questions.  Are you a stock or a bond? 🙂

Retirement Redux finally used her Aeroplan points.

Money After Graduation thinks using your TFSA is better than your RRSP to buy a house.  I agree with this given the TFSA is an all-purpose account and especially now given the new $10,000 contribution limit.  I’m of the mindset RRSPs are for retirement, and a home is not a retirement plan.

Here are 13 valuable lessons from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger’s 50th anniversary meeting in Omaha.

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15 Responses to "Long Weekend Reading – Income, Vanguard, getting ahead, bank stocks and more"

  1. I really like the article written by Money After Graduation. While the First Time Homebuyer’s Plan is great on paper, it’s a pain to use. It’s easier just to use your TFSA to save for a house, as long as you’re financially disciplined and don’t raid your account.

  2. Vanguard is an interesting story in that their first index fund (aka THE first index fund) was a complete failure and survived only by merging with another fund. Neither buy nor sell side wanted this thing. Forty years later and everyone owns it. Amusing (not really) how resistant the finance sector is to change compared to say the innovation-loving tech industry.

    1. Good to hear from you SST. Yes, amazing how ETFs (low-cost, diversified, Vanguard variety) are common place now. I suppose the industry does not want to change given their paychecks are based on the model they have – high fees.


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