Long Weekend Reading – Giving thanks and recognizing great blogs

With the fall season upon us, I’ve been thinking it’s a good time to review my financial plan and objectives for 2012 as this year heads into the homestretch.  I’ll be working on that over the next few weeks and likely post a few articles about what I’ve been thinking about.  Stay tuned.  Geez, Thanksgiving this weekend…hard to believe…less than 3 months until 2013…

As they say, time flies, which is why it’s important to savour every day you have with those you care about.   In our family, we lots to be thankful for.  I hope whatever you do this weekend, you take time to reflect and give thanks for the joys in your life that probably get overlooked much more than they should.  I know I’ll be doing that this weekend. 

However you spend this weekend, make it count and enjoy.

AAAMP Blog included my article this week – Why I Left the Mutual Fund Industry.

Susan Brunner highlighted my blog on her site, some of my articles geared towards novice investors.

Canadian Couch Potato listed some other underrated index funds.

Rob Carrick wrote about the hidden dangers of playing it safe.

Million Dollar Journey shared his Q3 results in a stock picking contest with other notable bloggers.   Some of those notable bloggers include The Financial Blogger, Beating The Index, The Passive Income Earner, Dividend Mantra along with blogger, columnist, and TV host of The Oprah Winfrey Network’s Million Dollar Neighbourhood Preet Banerjee.

Young & Thrifty increased her net worth, again!

Marrisa told us 10 ways she saves cash when buying a car.

Finance Fox did a great recap of the Canadian Personal Finance Conference.  Thanks for the kind words Eddie.

Invest It Wisely shared 10 reasons we might be poor.

The Loonie Bin had some fun making a video about dividend investing.

Michael James on Money thought Rob Carrick borrowed his blog name, maybe.

Don’t forget to check out GroceryAlerts.ca for some great deals.

The Dividend Pig identified four quadrants for understanding your portfolio better, content courtesy of Mike Heroux’s new ebook.  I’ll have a review about Mike’s ebook posted within the next week or so.

Mrs. SPF wrote a quality post about the power of Mother Nature.

Rick Ferri offered some portfolio help for retirees.

Big Cajun Man provided some examples where we spend money to make money.

How To Save Money told us how to get the best hotel deals – ever!

Financial Highway provided a great post comparing all major Canadian discount brokerages.

Boomer & Echo said investors are getting short changed from banks and advisors.

Modest Money discussed the benefits of working part time.

Canadian Capitalist told us the benchmarks for some Vanguard ETFs are changing.  That could mean lower management expense ratios (MERs) for investors like us!

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