How Buying Groceries in Bulk & Eating Healthy Can Save You Money

How Buying Groceries in Bulk & Eating Healthy Can Save You Money

It is estimated that the average Canadian family of two to three individuals spends almost $600 per month on groceries. If your own family is larger, your grocery bill may be proportionately higher. It is common for grocery shoppers to run through the store, tossing items in the cart that they have always purchased, that look like they would taste good or that the kids are pointing at and asking for. If you are like most, your grocery purchases could be healthier. You may think buying healthier items would cost more, but you can actually save money in several different ways when you buy healthier items as well as when you buy bulk when possible.

Healthy Ingredients

Healthy individuals are less likely to develop serious or on-going health issues. For example, obesity is linked to a higher incidence of heart disease, diabetes and more. Healthy individuals also have a stronger immune system, which is better able to fight off illnesses. Eating healthy can reduce the need to pay for expensive prescription medications, and it can extend your life as well. Pre-packaged foods are a convenience, but they are not a healthy meal or snack option. These foods are often loaded with excessive sugars, carbohydrates and fats, and processing foods can strip away much of the nutritional value in foods. With meal and snack planning efforts, you can buy healthy, natural ingredients and prepare your foods for a fraction of the cost of pre-packaged options. Consider, for example, that when you use fresh fruits and vegetables, you can buy only what you need rather than being forced to buy a prepackaged amount of food.


Of course, there are plenty of items on your grocery list that do not have a healthy, more affordable alternative. For example, toiletries, personal hygiene items and more are necessities in your grocery cart. Many grocery stores do offer a wide range of coupons that equate to cost savings for you. Coupons can also be found in flyers that you may not look at. Many people receive flyers and simply toss them away without reviewing them. However, take a closer look, and you may discover a great way to save money on items you need to purchase when you shop for groceries.

Buying in Bulk

For many people, their goal in grocery shopping is to keep the cost of each trip to the grocery store under a certain amount. When it comes to buying 12 rolls of toilet paper or four, most will opt for the four-roll package because it is cheaper. However, the fact is that you eventually will use 12 rolls of toilet paper in the coming weeks, so it makes more sense to purchase the option that is most affordable to you. Manufacturers typically offer a lower cost when you buy in bulk. This is because expenses associated with packaging, shipping and more are lower on bulk purchases. When given the option to buy in bulk for savings and when the items are those that you definitely will need, consider buying in bulk to save money.

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