Hey Enbridge: Let’s make a deal

Almost two years ago, I decided to start my first full DRIP with Enbridge. I choose Enbridge (ENB) after coming home from work one day, getting the mail, and opening my monthly invoice from them. After reading my invoice more thoroughly than usual, I got to thinking, as I recall…

“If we’re paying Enbridge this much every month, I wonder how many other people are?

Why don’t I become an owner of what we consume?”

Needless to say, it didn’t take me long to buy that first share and start my Enbridge dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP). Almost two years later, while I’ve started new DRIPs, I’m happy to report we’re now earning almost two “free” shares each quarter via the ENB DRIP. No commission fees, no questions, no stock market watching and hoping the stock will go up like some penny-stock. Enbridge’s stock price will rise over the long-haul, the company will grow and appreciate, and I’m going to get paid in the process for holding it. My Enbridge stock buys more Enbridge stock each quarter.

We’ve made a deal you see:  I continue to pay Enbridge, Enbridge continues to pay me.

What kind of deals do you have with companies you pay? 🙂

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