February 2013 Dividend Income Update

The objective:  to provide long-term capital growth and passive income by investing in a diversified portfolio of dividend income-producing Canadian securities.

Part of my investment strategy:

1.  Own the same companies the big dividend mutual funds and ETFs own.

2.  Avoid money management expense fees.

3.  Reinvest most dividends paid each month and quarter to buy more stock using dividend reinvestment plans.

Some holdings the big dividend mutual funds and ETFs own:

PH&N Dividend Income Fund:

PH&N Dividend Income Fund


TD Dividend Income Fund:

TD Dividend Income Fund

BMO Canadian Dividend ETF:

BMO Canadian Dividend ETF

My investment strategy when equity markets fall:  buy stocks.

My investment strategy when equity markets rise:  hold stocks.

My long-term goal:  $30,000 in passive income to help pay for retirement expenses.

Passive income earned in 2008:  $0.

Progress made towards passive income retirement goal:  22%.

The journey continues next month…  🙂

10 Responses to "February 2013 Dividend Income Update"

  1. Mark,

    Keep up the awesome work on your way to that $30k in dividend income. You’re doing great.

    As far as the holdings above, I’m glad to be a proud part-owner in TD and BNS now. RY, BCE and TU are on the list. 🙂

    Best wishes!

  2. Jane Savers @ The Money Puzzle · Edit

    “1. Own the same companies the big dividend mutual funds and ETFs own”

    Such a simple idea. I will be borrowing it. Those big mutual funds do all the research and I borrow their ideas (and yours). I have 3 stocks in my tiny portfolio and I will be adding a fourth this spring.


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