Dividend Growth: Freedom Through Passive Income eBook Review

Over the last few years, dividend investing and dividend growth stocks have roared back into investing favour.  I’m not sure this type of investing ever went out of style but I think one could attribute more severe stock market volatility since 2008 for the heightened awareness about this type of investing. 

Personally, I like this approach, a bunch.  Regarding my own investing journey, many years ago, I didn’t have the portfolio value to own different stocks outright.  I had to stick with mutual funds (don’t ask me why….I’ve since seen the light) and more recently Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in my portfolio to obtain diversification. 

Over the years, things have changed and although I’m far from financial independence my portfolio has grown and I continue to use ETFs in my portfolio but also dividend paying stocks to build up my passive income.

Thanks to Mike Heroux, blogger at The Dividend Guy, there is now more help for DIY dividend investors who wish to follow a similar journey – own stocks to build an income portfolio – with an ebook entitled Dividend Growth:  Freedom Through Passive Income.   Mike has a ton of experience in creating and managing his dividend portfolio, and he believes dividend investing can work for you – his ebook is all about showing you how.

What makes this book interesting and valuable?

  • You get financial information beyond the typical blogger – Mike Heroux is a Certified Financial Planner and has an MBA in Financial Services.
  • Mike offers some simple examples to understand the power of dividend growth, using commonly held and known companies.
  • Mike explains some key dividend growth metrics and why they are important for stock investors.
  • The author provides details how to leverage the free TMX Stock Screener tool for research purposes.
  • Mike delivers a set of how-to instructions to help choose stocks for long-term passive income.
  • He explains his stock trading triggers; when to own stocks, when to fold stocks.
  • Mike breaks down the tax considerations associated with owning dividend paying stocks in various investment accounts.  As you might already know from experiences with your investment portfolio, not all investment accounts such as RRSPs and TFSAs are created equal.
  • He provides portfolio models for his readers to consider, stocks to own if your portfolio is valued from $500-$5,000; $5,000-$25,000 and $25,000 plus.
  • The author has done a great job in making this book available in two versions – Canadian and U.S.  From a customer standpoint, this was a refreshing since Mike provides more direct, applicable information to Canadians and Americans.

With technical information and some humour that will inform and entertain, Mike Heroux from The Dividend Guy has published a low-cost, high-quality product that can help you learn more about building a dividend portfolio for passive income.  In closing, I enjoyed this ebook and highly recommend it because of the writing style and actionable guide for beginners and seasoned investors alike.  You buy the ebooks here:












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