April 2012 Dividend Income Update

April 2012 Dividend Income Update

Last month in my dividend income update, I wrote:

“as an investor, I should never lose sight of the risks direct stock ownership can mean.”

How true, because active money management comes with more risks than other types of investing.  Unlike indexing for example, I’ll never be able to entirely set and forget my dividend investing approach but I really don’t mind.  Dividend investing takes some active work, work I enjoy for now but the dividends certainly don’t take any effort.  Dividend investing continues to be a great complement to my indexing products.

As of this month, I own 23 Canadian companies that pay me dividends every month or every quarter.

My Canadian dividend paying stocks are a nice complement to my RRSP, which is mostly indexed although I do keep a few U.S. dividend paying stocks in this account for income. 

At the end of March, after dividends were paid and reinvested wherever possible, I mentioned our dividend income for the 2012 calendar year was projected to be $5,500.  I said we’d hit this target as long as dividends weren’t reduced and the companies we own keep paying them. 

Dividend increases aren’t guaranteed every year but many of the companies I own have a history of increasing them often, so it’s a good reason to own such companies long-term.

This past month alone, we were paid just over $500 in dividends, most of that money reinvested for our future, buying more shares in the companies we own.  Left over cash, albeit small amounts accumulated again this month so later this year, I’ll be hunting for more companies to own.  We’re on pace to earn just over $5,500 in dividends in 2012, inching closer to my indirect goal of $6,000.

I hope we get there and I’m looking forward to celebrating a little bit if and when we do.


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  1. Great job Mark!

    It must be incredibly satisfying to know that you’re receiving over $5k/year in extra income that doesn’t require you to put in any extra hours at work. Although managing money can be a part-time job in itself, I’d say it’s closer to a hobby that just so happens to pay a pretty decent chunk of change. 🙂

  2. Good job, Mark.

    The amount of work dividend investing takes is easily offset by the excitement a dividend increase brings.

    I enjoy reading up on what’s happening in the investment world each week, and for me that’s all the effort I have to put in managing my own portfolio; that and hitting the sell button when a stock isn’t pulling it’s own weight!

  3. I’m at about $100 per year so you are only 55 times ahead of me. That dividend increase must be really nice! Congratulations on the good month and inching closer to your goal of six grand.

    1. Ha, it’s a journey Poor Student, this you know. I’ve also got at least 10 years on you.

      The dividend increases are very nice. I hope they always continue. Thanks for the blog support and following along.

  4. At a 3% dividend yield, it looks like you’ve got over $200K invested. $6000 per year would be a fantastic return! Truly passive income! I’m just now starting to build my portfolio of Dividend Aristocrats. I too have got JNJ in there.


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