2017 Predictions

Well, here we are…another year gone and new one begins.

For the last couple of years, just for kicks, I made some financial predictions by looking into my cloudy crystal ball.

Here is what I thought would happen in previous years including what predictions I got correct.

2013 recap

2014 recap

2015 recap

2016 recap

What might happen in 2017?  How will Trump-economics change things?  How will I invest with Trump now in office?

Here are my 2017 predictions…

  1. The Ottawa Senators will make the playoffs. Why not right?  Let’s go boys.
  2. The Washington Capitals will The Stanley Cup.
  3. BCE will increase their dividend by at least 3%.
  4. The Dow will finish the year at 21,200.
  5. The TSX will finish the year at 17,100.
  6. Bank of Nova Scotia will increase their dividend by at least 3%.
  7. Gold will be worth $1,200.
  8. Canadian Utilities will increase their dividend by at least 3%. I should have posted this article a few weeks ago like I planned!   On January 12, 2017 CU hiked its dividend by 10%.
  9. Phil Mickelson will win the Masters.
  10. Fortis will increase their dividend by at least 5%.
  11. Oil will be $65 per barrel.
  12. Our Canadian dollar will be $0.75 compared to the US dollar.
  13. Procter & Gamble will increase their dividend by at least 3%.
  14. Brookfield Renewable Energy will increase their dividend by at least 3%.
  15. Wells Fargo will increase their dividend by at least 3%.

Let’s see what 2017 brings in the markets, the sporting world and much more.

Do you make any predictions?  If so, what do you think might happen in 2017?

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17 Responses to "2017 Predictions"

  1. I try not to make predictions.

    The US is 92 months into the third longest economic expansion in the country’s 240+ year history, and S&P 500 valuations are currently higher than at any point in the last century except for a 5 month period in 1929 and a five year period between 1997-2002. So a market correction or a recession is statistically likely during Trump’s term.

    But I mean, I could have said the same thing in 1997. It would have taken 4 more years to play.

    I just focus on valuations, not on timing.

  2. Gotta say, “predicting” a slew dividend increases, esp in the current low-rate environment, isn’t anything bold.

    #15 is a good call. It’s easy to dole out money when you rip off a few million of your customers.

      1. Good fun Mark. No, I don’t normally make predictions. We’ll be watching with interest to see how accurate your crystal ball is!

        Lloyd, so true. LOL

        “What the markets will do however are some darts on a dartboard”…..while throwing them blindfolded after being spun around a few times.

  3. I’ve made a prediction every year and so far I’ve never been wrong. My prediction is that anything I invest in will immediately fall in value the day after I make the investment. I’m now trying to out-fox the market by only investing a portion of the funds with the intent to invest the balance the following day when it falls due to my curse. So far, it hasn’t worked. 🙁

    1. I’ve learned that many dividend stocks have relative predictive value but overall, I totally suck at predicting much else. Maybe I will get the Capitals pick correct? Hard to say. Pens and Rangers look very strong again this year.


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