2017 Predictions – June Update

2017 Predictions

You might already know from reading my site, I enjoy making predictions.  I treat them as entertainment.

Earlier this year I made a few – hoping I would nail some of them.  With the year nearly half over (already!?) here is an update on my sophisticated crystal ball.

  1. The Ottawa Senators will make the playoffs.

Bingo!  And then some…  My Senators came within a goal of reaching the Stanley Cup final this year.  We recently lost Marc Methot to Vegas in the expansion draft but I’m confident we can recover in the off season.  That said he was a solid D-man for us and I wish him well.

  1. The Washington Capitals will The Stanley Cup.

Not even close.  Although a team from the eastern conference did win the Cup this year.  Congrats to the Pens, again.

  1. BCE will increase their dividend by at least 3%.

Got this one.  Earlier this year BCE increased their dividend by just over 5%.

  1. The Dow will finish the year at 21,200.

We still have time to see a market pull back.  At the time of this post the Dow is around 21,394.

  1. The TSX will finish the year at 17,100.

Not even close.  The TSX has to go on a major run if I am to have any hope here.  At the time of this post the TSX is around 15, 319.

  1. Bank of Nova Scotia will increase their dividend by at least 3%.

Close enough.  BNS increased their dividend by about 2.7%.

  1. Gold will be worth $1,200.

I’m not doing too badly on this one.  At the time of this post gold is around $1,242.

  1. Canadian Utilities will increase their dividend by at least 3%. 

I should have posted my original article when I planned!   On January 12, 2017 CU hiked its dividend by 10%.

  1. Phil Mickelson will win the Masters.

Wrong but great to see Sergio win – The Masters is one of the best tournaments to watch every single year.  Thanks to my neighbour I finally got to see Augusta in person that week.  That place is off the charts.

The Masters

  1. Fortis will increase their dividend by at least 5%.

They haven’t increased their dividend yet for 2017 but they will this fall.

  1. Oil will be $65 per barrel.

Wow, way off here.  At the time of this post oil is around $43.

  1. Our Canadian dollar will be $0.75 compared to the US dollar.

Bang on!

  1. Procter & Gamble will increase their dividend by at least 3%.

P&G increased their dividend by that very amount, 3%, back in April.

  1. Brookfield Renewable Energy will increase their dividend by at least 3%.

Brookfield is targeting 5% to 9% annual growth in cash distributions in the coming years.  Staying true to their word they increased their dividends by 5% in early February.

  1. Wells Fargo will increase their dividend by at least 3%.

Nothing yet.

Those are my specific predictions for 2017.  Let’s see how the rest of the year plays out.

What did you see happening in 2017?

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12 Responses to "2017 Predictions – June Update"

  1. Hardly ever right with predictions, so I’ll stick to the only one I really monitor.

    Projected our Income would increase 8% over last year. Tod date we are up 5.14% provided there will be no dividend cuts to the end of the year.

  2. Not bad Mark. Since I didn’t make any at the beginning of the year here are my bold predictions for the remainder of the year.

    1. My financial asset balance will be different than today.
    2. Some of my stocks may raise their dividends
    3. The bank rate will be different than today or maybe it won’t
    4. We will go on a trip before year end
    5. The battle between the indexers and the dividend stock pickers will rage on
    6. The Dow will be higher or lower than today
    7. The TSX will be higher or lower then today
    8. Canada and Canadian citizens will be further in debt
    9. The value of the Canadian dollar will be higher or lower than today
    10. Canada will continue to be a great place to live

  3. Hey Mark,

    your predictions are entertaining and i really like that you mixed it up with some different topics than financials. I’m a huge sports fan, so it’s always interesting to discuss those predictions…and it’s easier than predicting the stock market in my opinion;-)

    -the oil price at 65$ would be good for Royal Dutch Shell, a company i own shares of, but i think the price will stay around 50$ throughout 2017, give or take
    -the Houston Astros will win the World Series in 2017
    -the Dow will finish at 22.000

    Would be cool to hear what you think about who’ll win in Football and Baseball…


    1. I will keep that in mind for football and baseball, for next year, 2018 predictions. Houston for taking it all this year? Interesting call. Watch out for the Rockies!!


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