2016 Predictions

I enjoy predictions, I treat them as entertainment.  I had some fun with my 2015 predictions and I actually got a few of them right.  When it comes to the financial markets, I think people should “buckle up” for 2016.  I think it’s going to be a wild ride.  Oil is crashing, our Canadian dollar has tanked and my Senators are up and down.  I’ll be going to a few games between now and April to cheer my hometown team into the playoffs.  Will the Senators make the playoffs?  Where will oil finish the year?  What stocks will raise their dividends in 2016?  How will our dollar finish?  Here’s what I think about a bunch of stuff in 2016.

  1. The Ottawa Senators will make the playoffs.
  2. The Chicago Blackhawks will win The Stanley Cup.  A safe bet?
  3. Telus will increase their dividend by 5%.
  4. Enbridge will increase their dividend by 5%.  Might be a stretch.
  5. The Dow will finish the year at 16,500.
  6. Coca-Cola will increase their dividend by 3%.
  7. Bonds will have a positive return in 2016, returning 3%, to be measured by iShares ETF XBB.
  8. The TSX will finish the year at 13,000.  I’m really not sure about this one!
  9. Oil will finish at $45.  Seems impossible right now.
  10. Our dollar will be $0.74, against the U.S. dollar, by the end of 2016.
  11. I’ll play more golf this summer (when compared to last summer).
  12. Royal Bank will increase their dividend by 5%.

Those are my specific predictions for 2016.  Let’s see how well my crystal ball, Magic 8 Ball and palm reading works.

What do you see happening in 2016?

9 Responses to "2016 Predictions"

  1. What’s a bigger stretch, oil hits $45 or a Canadian hockey team makes the playoffs. It’s a toss up. I live in the SF Bay Area. We have a hockey team that loves to make it to the playoffs, then tank faster than the price of oil. 🙂

  2. @Mark

    Another great thing about you: you seem like an avid golfer!

    Many springs ago, I had a dream myself to one day become a scratch golfer.
    So far, I only managed the scratch my head part of it. 🙂

    You’re still not that perfect being a Sens fan.
    But I can’t really judge you…my Habs sure feel like the correcting (maybe crashing soon) markets!

    At least, you’re not a soon-to-be-resurrected Nordiques fan.

    I still like that Stone guy and have him in my dynasty pool! My friends and I really have fun with this pool in its 21st year…

    I hope most of your 12 (you know I really like twelve) predictions are right as they are sensible and would be good for our portfolios.

    1. Scratch golf is very difficult to achieve consistently, even from the men’s whites on most courses. In my prime I was down to a 3-handicap but even then I shot a few times in the 60s and also in the low 80s. I’ve always lacked some consistency in my game but I’m working on that as I get older – the key is to avoid “big numbers”. A few bogeys on either nine won’t hurt your scorecard very much but definitely 6s and 7s will!

      The Sens had a rough game last night and they looked very tired.

      I hope for my portfolio, the dividend increases are right 🙂

      Your portfolio is rather diverse, that’s a good thing. You own a few stocks I want, specifically PFE and MMM.

      Thanks for reading.


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