2015 Financial Predictions

For the last couple of years, just for kicks, I made some financial predictions.   Looking into my cloudy crystal ball, here is what I think might happen in 2015 on the financial front:

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average will finish the year at 19,400.

It opened 2015 at 17,823.07.

  • The S&P/TSX Composite will finish the year at 15,700.

It opened 2015 at 14,635.07.

  • Our Canadian Dollar will finish the year at $0.85 compared to the US Dollar, relatively flat for the year.

It opened 2015 at $0.848.

The following Canadian companies will increase their dividend at least once in 2015:

  • TransCanada Pipelines (TRP)
  • Telus (T)
  • Canadian Utilities (CU)
  • TD Bank (TD)
  • Fortis (FTS)

Let’s see how things play out folks.

Did you make any 2015 financial predictions other than stocks will go up and down?

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10 Responses to "2015 Financial Predictions"

  1. how about a prediction for interest rates and housing prices! i think interest rates will increase .0025% and housing prices will be flat or fall 10%. as for stocks, i think all the banks will raise their dividends along with BCE and AQN. GO GREEN BAY!!!


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